the curius case of roni

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  1. So i was in wc chating nonchalantly with some frends and complimentin some mods (-DRGN) when i saw roni show up. Yes. Good ol roni. She was tolkin about how she came bak an estuff when ol of the suden, she estarts tolkin about me. I said, ok, cool,but theeeeeeeen out of thin er, she says that somethin about me showin my tru colors.

    I was taken bak from her coments. She said she had prevented the estripin of ma main EL_CID_CAMPEADOR when i was in new age.

    What a load of bullcrap.

    A lil background...

    Roni was a drama quin back in the day. I used to suport her in eberi argument she had. She had plenty as she had bif with eberione.

    Im a softi for ppl bin bullied. I saw roni as a bictim eben when dip inside, i nu she was the problem. Thats y i suported her.

    Shes craves atention an her tactic was to get eberione inbolbed in her estuff and inbolbe fillings. That made things way biger than what they realy were. I cud mention a couple of other ppl who did/do the same thing but they didnt cros me like these gerl.

    Now, onto my mains strip.
    U DIDNT, I ripeat, U DID NOT prebent any estrip. I caught the ATEMPTED estrip. They only took whatever ppl make in a regular hunt. Those chumps didnt no i esleep until late at night and wake up around 6 am PT (in case u butthurts wanna try ur lock). I’d say u ask twic but i think he retired.

    So gtho gerl. What tru colors? Ibe olways bin one an the same.

    Pd. Don eben try ur usual trick of bictimizin urself. I jost don care.

  2. And here is proof how i am on everybody's lips and they use me as their topic to get attention.Whats wrong saltyfeet you got stuck running on empty so need my name to draw readers haha nice one.
  3. I don ned  from u. Belieb it or not i got eberithing most ppl only dream of. So no
  4. Eben if twic was around to probe u wrong it woud estil not be enough.

    Many ppl has disproved u ober the years. But is never enough uh?
  5. And it was u who sayd i showed my tru colors. Wth ur tolkin about? What did i eber did to u? Oh yes i no. I suported u.

    An no, it was u who TRIED usin me to gain relebance.
    Why mention i somehow backstab u out of thin er? To be noticed thats y
  6. Any1 who knows how Twicc plays will know hes still active. lol If Twicc was retired his account wouldn't still be SAVAGE.
  7. ;-) i only came back last night and i have a thread already dedicated to me. Saltyfeet you have no savvy really .You state i crave attention yet i had no idea you was writting a thread about me.i only came here to read forums. You should work more on your own presence instead of giving the spotlight to me.
  8. Lol saltyfeet another one of the lames asking a screenname to marry him !! Dellusional to the max !!
  9. Go get relebance espreadin ur gosip ridin someone elses bak. Im not interested.

    I jost wanted to clir things up u ingrate
  10. AN u delusional as u r, think that someone is gona marry u thru an ap? Lololol
  11. can you two stop with the foreplay and get it on already
  12. I Wud ran outa memory if i had ss ebery single estupid thing i say.

    Btw, the use of ur ss is proof that u jost wana magnifi estuff.

    That convo is on II_roni_II.
  13. jost of the top of ma hed, ive said the same thinh to glo and to dayna. Only u take it as a serios proposal
  14. hehe if i had a £ for every thread made about roni :lol:
  15. I gues u put a restrainin order on ol the ppl who sayd they gonna hit u moltiple times uh? That must habe bin serios too!!!
  16. And say it like it was :- i was talking in worldchat before you appeared i was talking to lonesong bobross and sabot .You came in after me and i wasnt even talking about you whatsoever.Stop your lies trying to get clout off my name.
  17. Nah. I was trash tokin DRGN. It was YOU who, like the ingrate u r, sayd i had backstab u.

    And no, i don habe ss cuz im not that mentaly il to ss eberything.

    Like i says, i jost wanted to clir things up.
  18. There is 'nothing' to clear up.You was down on your luck today on kaw.You was lack lustre and nobody was biting anything you tryed to provoke .So you thought i know what i'll do i'll concopt some story involving roni .That'll cunjur up some attention my way via roni because she's always a crowd pleaser. Do your damage salty , i'm happy that i can bring you to life today.
  19. As i sayd:
    1.- u acused me of backstabin u while i trash tolk DRGN. Then u said i atack u ferst
    2.- I neber, eber wanted to marry anione here. My wife wud make u look like gargoyl.
    3.- now i concocted the hole thing up.

    Jesus christ. Which one is it?