The Cull

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  1. just click on the pet you currently have equipped and it will unequip, theres no unequip button
  2. It still doesn't work devs need to create the unequip button. It is not that difficult to include in the equip button that already exists. iOS users who are still facing this issue add your voices.
  3. The bl don’t work! I’ve the mark but sometimes I see player without mark and I lose xtal to kill players outside event! It’s crazy! Now I’ve two mark and the bl is empty!
  4. Think theres a glitch, where the mark is sometimes hidden in showcase under All, Also I suggest we need better notification when you have slain someone or have been slain, as a lot of the time when I get slain the opposing player continues with a full bar.
  5. My bl is empty all time!??? How I have to do? Dev can tel me if is normal?
  6. It's possible there aren't a lot of players in your hit range participating in the event. We are monitoring the number of Werewolves and Hunters and trying to make necessary adjustments.
  7. I’m getting hit and didn’t even opt for PVP. Will be glad when event is over. Full of glitches for all.
  8. Thanks
  9. I'm assuming this is because some people forget they have to opt in again after they get slayed and without doing so their BL contains non pvp players.
  10. I can see only two players on my bl but I can see on wc that son players with my cs hit on pvp event!!
  11. If you refresh your battle list you may see some more players!
  12. Yesterday i got slain After 4 assas while being at ~95/40. far from being dtw... How is this possible?
  13. Agree with Vlad - my BL sucks day and night. This event blows. I have to park and lurk hoping someone drops into my BL.

    Dumpster fire.
  14. I’ve see the same thing, after one week I don’t understand how this event drop work! When the other slain me, near dtw or far they find 10 grave, I find only 5 or 1 every time
  15. Sorry for all the hit, but you are every time alone on my bl! :)
  16. Spies or troops below 20% you get slain

  17. The definition of dtw is not same then , dtw means when you get error as defender to weak , if you can be assa it means you arnt dtw so wolves cant be slained, mech sucks

    Winston please look into that ,if you are confused about the mech or terms please check forum post by bellemonte for build mechs , will help kawmunity to have better events .
  18. Hunters always get 10 for slaying a wolf.
    Wolfs get 5 for a hunter and 1 for a wolf i think.

    Aaah! Thx for clearing that up. Seems to fit.
  19. Actually it makes sense. I was slain by an atk-built (valkyl_) while being myself a Hansel. Hansels are dtw for atk-builts when below 20% spies. So he probably blasted my spies down to 20% with his assas making me dtw for him...
  20. At the end developers have produced an event where the players kill his alts to be on lb, the bl is empty every time, the players with ton of charms dominate and I don’t have any alt to hit on pvp, I can’t hit gomorax or lignabelua because the event items drop is became too low.... what I’ve to do? Start to play to clash Royale?