The Cull

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Caster, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. The Battle List for the Top Tier is trash. There are plenty of accounts opted in that are in my hit range. Rather than them be in my BL, I get to look @ a blank screen unless Wease is in there.

    Fix this junk or create tiers so we all have the same chances for Top 10 as those w/ a populated BL.
  2. Plenty in hit range but empty bl, I can attest to this, I've had just ireg and wease in my bl for hours, only get to slay people that happen to show in my feed but not my constantly refreshed bl.
  3. The bl is crazy! Dev correct it please
  4. Now the BL has nothing to do w/ the event if you’re opted in. I just refreshed it
  5. Yep battle list showing everyone. No way to tell who’s opted in.
  6. I think is big caos! I ope ata change it
  7. Lol, just unloaded fbs on a couple poor innocent souls then....

    Couldn't figure out why I didn't get a grave. :)
  9. Yeah I slaughtered non pvp players too sorry.
  10. Lol my bl is empty, one hour ago was full of people and I had use som xtal on non opted in.. I hope ATA give me it back
  11. I’m not getting any shallow graves for some reason
  12. Its like that since the usual Weekend pvp Event started.
    Need to be fixed urgent.
  13. Fix is on its way.
  14. I continue to don’t find grave
  15. And I have use all my daily xtal for nothing
  16. This is awesome thank you devs
  17. One question tho how can upgrade the banner when you cant find the box you need to get the tokens?
  18. Tokens are coming out next event
  19. My BL is still empty, yet others can see me in theirs. Why is it so hard to populate a BL w/ all opted accounts in your hit range?
  20. I have an issue with some of my iOS devices where I'm unable to unequip furnishing, including pets.

    There is at the moment a button on the dismantle, equip, and upgrade screen that allows you to equip a furniture. However there is no UNEQUIP feature at this moment on that screen.

    My petition to devs is for devs to add on another 'UNEQUIP' feature on the same 'EQUIP' button. This added 'UNEQUIP' feature would ensure that pets and other furniture can be easily equipped and unequipped easily without issues.

    Please show your support by sending tickets to devs regarding this issue. Let Devs that all players are concerned and aggravated about this issue an need it resoved.

    Share this information.