The Cull

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  1. On a lone positive least kaw knocked the rust of BL today . Lots of that was accidental but rust was removed regardless.
  2. Both my bars were 100% and someone scouted me and my dog tipped over dead, thanks alot Winston
  3. Was slain without opting back in from dead buff
  4. Ok to be honest 2 positive notes...the exploit is nice...devs smoking more weed since Canada legalized I think 
  5. I need Hunter's tokens to upgrade banner I have unlocked. Is the only way to get these by being a Hunter in the event, or is there some other way?
  6. Happened to me now
  7. These will be available in the next event =)
  8. We have put out some more fixes for the single scout/assassinate issue. Please let us know if there are still issues.
  9. Yes they are still issues
  10. Nothing get fixed and the gap between top lb and the rest getting bigger.
    Reset lb and fix the event.
    This is not fair to others players we will never catch up to top now.
  11. Congratulations Devs! After all the discussion about charm farms you have conjured up a pvp event that is not only broken but is geared so the charm farmers have the upper hand. Here’s an idea? Make the event like new EE wars where charms are taken out of the mix and build bfa is the only thing taken into effect.
  12. I think the chest is not working properly, i have 20 shallow graves but cant open a chest that requires 15
  13. The 20 u have in ur inventory are what you accumulated in total, they’ve been used to open previous boxes. I have 52 in my inventory and can’t open a 35 because i need to accumulate 33 more. If it makes sense. It’s not a threshold u need to reach to open boxes, it’s that many more u need to accumulate to open the next box
  14. How is a slain determined? I understand making them go dtw and scouting, even though it has never scored me anything. So I can only assume that works. What I’m referring to is being at 20% attack and over 50% spies and one attack or scout and I’m slain. Not as big a deal when your a wolf but you can’t afford to lose 1 of only 3 hunters to this.
  15. This event súcķ
  16. I’m running out of tears crying in this game. They calling me a sissy now
  17. I can’t believe it’s still not all fixed.
  18. I haven't had problems with 1 scout kills but theres no one on my bl.
    My tiny alt has Tons on that bl.
    Maybe bc accounts are to scared to opt in?
    It should be everyone is automatically opted in tbh like you guys have done before. That was way more fun, this 30 min wait for a new opt it bs isn't.
    Really like the idea and bringing bl hits back but definitely needs some work.
  19. Im 89/20 and I get one steal and get slain?
  20. I think if u go under 20% u get killed. That's been happening to me or it's another glitch.
    It is a great way to get people to use xtals when you have over 20% troops and spies to stay alive lol