The Cull

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  1. Anyone else see the problem with ps? Even if they are dtw and you scout them once you don’t get anything
  2. Did fb successful scouts on spy no rewards
    They can kill me with 1 hit and take 10 item's !!!!
    Something wrong......
  3. Yup
  4. Are your troops below 20% when this happens though?
  5. Ffs no. We telling u we are full bars or close to full bars. 20% would make u dtw. We are not dtw at full bars. Not only one bar full. BOTH bars
  6. Can you reply to the ps situation
  7. just got slain 3 times by scouts when had full troops and over 90% spies

  8. My bars when I was hit. None are close even to 20%
  9. Was super excited for this but unfortunate its not working well. I was slain from one scoit even though i had both bars almost full. I think ill skip the pvp part this event and give it a go next event! You can do it winston!!
  10. ☠
  11. and if you opted into PVE (I wish I hadn't but there was no information to make an informed choice), how the heck do you get shallow graves for the imp box?
  12. Yup lol 1sb :lol:
  13. You can still buy marks in the market and participate in killing. In order to get your imp box (to open with shallow graves), you just have to do the eb side legend.
  14. So I assassinated a guy down to dtw and got nothing but then used one scout move on another guy and got rewards how does that work?
  15. I demand free shallow grave's
    Others can have it with 1 hit and why not me?
    I don't have any and ppl make 10 from me ...
  16. Will be looking into this.
  17. Same

  18. As you can see one hit on full bars killed me. And battle list is not populated. U suck lol
  19. How about you stop the event and fix it rather than ruin it for certain players.
  20. Thanks for mixing things up, but....

    I too have been slain several times well above 20% on both bars.

    Had the aforementioned issue with the ps not being slayable.

    Additionally, twice as a hunter, I had no notification I was slain at all. The only way I could tell is my battle list went back to non opted in players. Also, wasn’t I supposed to automatically turn to wolf if slain as a hunter?

    However, I do like that you are out once you are slain. Nice idea.