The Cull

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Caster, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. I’ve casted 2x as the Werewolf & had this happen both times.
  2. Is there a death buff after getting killed as a hunter but before turning into a werewolf with full regen?
  3. Do devs do any kind of testing on these events or do you just throw some codes together
  4. It’s damn obvious they don’t put any effort into testing.
  5. So just finished 1.5k rewards and looking at 4K rewards. There’s no equipment?

    Does this mean DEVS ARE KILLING CHARMS?

    Also there are deepmine tokens now!
  6. This event has no equipment, but has some banners :) You'll see them a bit further on!
  7. Winston :-s back on subject of being slain with full bars
  8. Yep let’s answer this. Every time I cast imgetting slain with full bars, good job devs
  9. It's being looked into. I haven't been able to reproduce this issue so far. I will continue testing.
  10. Multiple players are having this issue.. it’s been plenty reproduced.
  11. AKA "Works on my machine" 
  12. Is the only way to get the new banner by getting into event leaderboard?
  13. There are PvE banners as legend rewards (as well as leaderboard). There are also banners that drop in the Imp box that drops further boxes.
  14. Took the guy that attacked me to dtw. Got nothing. 2 guys got me tho. Love it
  15. Worst pvp event ewer
  16. Made some changes to how the Hunter --> Werewolf transformation works. Let me know if there are still issues with scout kills right away.
  17. Just had 1inc scout and i am slain. Still above 50% spy bar. This sucks ass. Issue continues
  18. New banners trade able?
  19. The issue I am seeing is this. If either one of your bars would classify you as down to weak and the opponent gets any successful action on you, this will kill you. Hence why players that are spy heavy have no troops and strong spies, but give up an assassination and then are slain.
  20. No I’m full bars. Both troop and spies and it still takes 1 scout to slay me.