The Cull

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  1. The Cull

    "The Cult of the Lycoan has returned!

    Under cover of the endless night, cultist werewolves are killing innocent townsfolk and plundering fragments of their souls in order summon the Lycoan, their dread god!

    Meanwhile, the Oracle has been inflicted with lycanthropy, and will be possessed by the Lycoan once she succumbs to the curse!

    You must slay the werewolves invading your kingdom and find a way to bring back the dawn, while searching for a cure to the Oracle's affliction!"

    "Legend of Lycoan" EB shall remain for the duration of this and the upcoming event. Additionally, we made adjustments to the EB based on players' feedback! Let us know how you feel about it.

    Players will also be able to acquire Tarot cards by completing Lycoan EBs (the higher the difficulty level the higher the drop chance). Those cards will be usable during the third part of this saga that will start on November 7th.

    The Lycoan EB is opened with Aevum Circle Pieces. That EB also has the chance to drop a "Tri-Gem" box, which costs 3 keys to open, and drops a variety of premium items and has a rare chance of dropping some powerful charms.

    Hunters vs. Werewolves

    During this event players will have a choice to take on either PvP or PvE exclusive Legends. 

    PvE Legends will require players to complete specific Epic Battles in a certain amount of time.

    PvP Legends will reward players for attacking and killing other players.

    There will also be a unique PvP section during the event that will put Valiant Hunters against Ferocious Werewolves! Players can choose who they want to become by buying an appropriate item (Mark of the Hunter or Mark of the Werewolf) from the Marketplace.

    How to kill other players

    You can kill appropriate targets (Hunters and Werewolves if you're a Werewolf, Werewolves if you're a Hunter) by either bringing them down to DTW or by scouting them once if they're already DTW.

    How dying works

    When you die, you'll lose your "buff" (either Mark of the Werewolf or Mark of the Hunter). As a Hunter, you'll automatically reincarnate as a Werewolf with full bars, but as a Werewolf, you'll get "knocked out" and get a 15 minute debuff that says you are dead and can't buy the item again. Once that 15 minutes is over, you can buy the items again and get back into the fight.

    When you don't have a buff, your battle list will show regular accounts. When you do have the buff, it'll only show players with the buff. Please note that multiple players may be attacking the same target, and only one player can get the rewards from the kill (the first person to hit them to a DTW status).

    Imp's Chest

    Both types of Legends will reward players with one Imp’s Chest.

    Imp’s Chest contains a number of random and set rewards. Additionally, upon opening an Imp’s Chest, it will automatically upgrade to the next tier that contains even more rewards! Participate in the event, attack other players, and acquire Shallow Graves to keep upgrading your Chest for amazing rewards and unique event banners!

    This event will be available from Wednesday, October 24th until Wednesday, November 7th at Noon PT.

    Exclusive Furnishings

    Furnishings exclusive to The Cull will be available in the Furnishings Shop, Priark's Box and Royal Priark's Box.

  2. Thank you for a unique event. Now add war eq back in EE please!
  3. Events getting lamer and lamer. Pvp portion of this one isn’t working. Idiot devs strike again.
  4. How to know if a player is a hunter or wolf?
  5. Omg so nice design great work
  6. Maybe the item from the marketplace will show on their profile/battle list and tell which is which...
  7. Is there a way to silence the update bot? Otherwise I’ll cya in 2 weeks.
  8. How do we open the chests?
  9. Devs as usual did a **** job explaining event. For pvp have to choose werewolf or hunter. One can only attack the other side. Friggin lame as F. Events getting suckier and suckier.

    Initially my BL was blank but folks are starting to opt in now so there should be pvp targets now in BL.
  10. Seriously, take out the update bot. This is ridiculous
  11. We're making some changes to make it less frequent. I don't believe updates can be silenced though.
  12. If you have enough shallow graves, you can open them by pressing the open button. The main difference is that they take shallow graves to open as opposed to keys.
  13. Are the battlelist's only meant to show opted in players, because some of us have standard normal battlelists now that have kicked in, and how are we meant to to tell a hunter from a werwolf
  14. Bring back war equip pls. And are event banners upgradable?
  15. My battle list is empty besides 1 guy in an individual war, the second I opt in I get 4 guys 3x my size drain both my bars, amazing event devs
  16. Also an interesting feature that you can be attacked/stole and lose shallow graves yet when pinning the very same person who took them from you, you get nothing in return. Good job devs
  17. ok so to follow on from this

    seems when you are slain - you kinda out for a bit of the event, you need to recast, but you might get a dead buff thing before you can cast again

    then when you can cast again you are back in boom
  18. How long does dead buff last