The Claws of the Shasa

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  1. I'm afraid we did not record when that change has been implemented, but we can assure you that 550 was the limit before the ally system revamp.

    Wow looks like the reset people got burned a long time ago, I never knew. *puts on perma-noob hat*
  2. Players who did resets were given 50 extra ally slots per reset, maximum of 4. So those who did all 4 resets had an advantage they earned. I did 4 resets so I sent feedback to devs about this. Answer I got basically comes down to: they are taking our rewards and advantage we worked for away, as cap of 600 now applies to everyone. I’m placing charge backs with iTunes as far as I can go, it’s only fair to treat them as they treat us
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  4. I think an inquiry to I-Tunes is very valid. I'm going to do the same. Do any recall when the Devs nerfed our reset items? Outrage is an understatement. They gave them back finally. The 200 cap increase was a reward for SPENDING TIME AND MONEY. What compensation are resetters being given?
  6. Actually, just to make a slight fact correction, you could do a FIFTH reset and receive another 50 ally slots---no other permanent item though was given.
  7. I don’t remember when exactly but wanna say 2012 or 2013? I’m sure it all can be found in archives. Thing is, they never officially informed us of taking additional slots advantage away from those with reset achievement. At the time of introduction of the cap we were told we’d still have our extra slots. But I believe this was not the case soon after, they just upped the cap for everyone. For some reason, and I might be wrong, I remember 450 being a general cap and reset players got to have 100 extra slots so 550 was a maximum possible cap but not for everyone. I think at some point general cap was quietly raised to 550 for everyone and now it’s ‘its always been 550’ cos I’m sure none of support reps were with ATA in 2012-2014.

    when I messaged feedback about it few days ago, their first reply was ‘it’s always been 550’, which I explained to them is incorrect. I’m glad others effected messaged them about that too, isn’t it funny when players have to explain how game works/worked to people who’s hired to assist us with it? Amusing and frustrating at the same time but most of us are used to it by now, unfortunately
  8. Unfortunately I doubt there's enough players left from that time to raise enough holy heck that they will reconsider. The reset item grab got nasty, they back-tracked on that one. It's the principle here that is the issue. ATA will gladly take our money for in-game boosts...then take them away? Nobody cares? Does the KAW community care? Even bother read these posts? Sad.
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  9. I was around back when reset bonuses were a thing. I personally never got them, but that was a choice I made.

    i think this round of restructuring ally caps is different from when they took the reset bonuses away. Here’s why:

    Devs should have mixed reset bonuses long before they did. The system was being horribly abused. When I started playing getting to land complete to get the reset bonuses was months of work, and that quickly turned into a day or two in the pw era. I’m not saying those that got their reset bonuses at that time should have had them taken away, but the devs killed reset bonuses about a year too late.

    Now, I’m not sure what the devs are thinking. There was no abuse of the current system, very few people needed or wanted more ally slots (the reset bonuses were done more for permanent % build bonuses than the slots), the was simply no need to make this change, and there are tons of more pressing issues facing the game. What’s the point of all this?
  10. An increased ally cap, mathematically, allows one to have a better stat/ally price average assuming lower priced allies will yield that higher average. However on a much more fundamental level, ressetters worked and PAID for an increased cap. Taking it away is simply wrong. Reality check though illustrated by lack of response by the devs and no interest in forums says it's pointless to pursue. Will still be interesting to hear what I-Tunes says...
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  11. I think very few people actually bump up against the ally in practice, given the time it takes to manage that many allies. I’m nowhere near 600 alliés and I doubt many lb are.

    as for ITunes, gl with that. The slots weren’t paid for directly with money. Resetting or increasing ally caps were never purchased through iTunes. Most people that reset for ally caps didn’t even do it by spending any money at all. They reset one account, then used an alt to volley transfer the gold needed for lc to the reset account in a couple of hours, the rinsed and repeated. The massive gold income increase that came with T4 buildings, highlands, pws and ebs made this an easy feat to achieve without spending a cent. So good luck asking iTunes to refund the $10 that a small minority of players used to indirectly get big enough o reset without any way to track who did and who didn’t.
  12. My account was an alt, it’s 9yo and resets on it were done when it wasn’t easy to llc yet. Even with pwars you had to xtal to get resets fast enough, and we didn’t have xtals given to us for free back then. So yes, this advantage was paid for and now it’s taken back just cos they can. iTunes responded - they will reimburse up to 3 months back, woks for me
  13. Broken like a lot of things in this game?
  14. There was no limit to number of ally slots from resets until they nerfed it and everyone was capped at 550 now the cap is 600 but I saved a ton of mith and gold by doing my resets long ago I’m not bothered I got my reset items and tons of free xtal and I don’t have to spend mith getting to 550.