The Christopher Walken guide to being locked in a Walk-In

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  1. Christopher Walk-In

    Trapped in a walk-in hotel freezer with subzero temperatures, Carolyn Robinson Mangham knocked so desperately on the door that the skin on her knuckles had worn away, her husband said in a lawsuit. When the door finally opened 13 hours later, the coroner said, the 61-year-old kitchen worker was lying on the metal floor, wearing her black shoes and pants, a white cook’s shirt and a black apron. Her head and eyes were frozen solid.

    Aaron Rabinowitz found his father dead inside the freezer of his family’s San Diego cafe nine years ago. He said he thinks that some type of alarm would be a good idea, though it may not have helped his father because he was quickly overcome by the dry ice fumes.

    A Subway employee who was trapped in a chiller in Gloucester for eight hours wrote ‘help me' messages in ketchup on pieces of cardboard in a desperate attempt to be let out. It wasn’t until 7:30 am the next day, when staff arrived to open the store, that she was freed. She told the newspaper she had been working the late shift alone and was putting milk away in the walk-in chiller when the door shut behind her and locked her inside. "Got locked in a #^%*=* fridge over night for 8 hours and work don't ask me if I'm okay, they asked me if i could work tonight" (lol). Ms Daubeney said she was dressed in only leggings and a Subway shirt, but that the temperature inside the fridge was just a few degrees above zero.

    ....there are other stories where people make it out alive like Ms Daubeney did. So how did she do it? How did she make it while poor Carolyn from Atlanta was found with her head and eyeballs frozen?

    What would do you do in a situation like this? First, let's take a look at your surroundings to see what you're facing:

    The temperature is probably somewhere between 0°F and -10°F (this would meet the FDA requirement for walk-in freezers).
    The ceiling, walls and door are four to six inches thick -- made of some kind of insulating foam like urethane covered in sheets of galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum
    The floor is also covered in galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum.
    There are stainless steel shelves loaded with boxes filled with meat, poultry, fish and other frozen foodstuffs.
    A single vapor-proof fixture provides dim lighting.
    A row of thick plastic curtains hangs in the doorway.
    Basically, you're inside a tightly sealed, extremely cold, giant metal box. You need to worry about frostbite and hypothermia. In order to keep death at bay, you need to maintain your core body temperature. Your best bet at doing this is by fashioning some kind of protection from the cold.


    Remove the plastic curtains from the doorway and make a suit or a tent to insulate yourself from the cold. If you do this quickly, you should be able to keep your body temperature close to normal until you're well insulated, especially since you'll be exerting energy to make the suit or tent. You would then want to use any extra plastic or cardboard you might find to make a thick palette to sit on, so that you aren't touching the metal floor, which is a good conductor of energy.


    As with any freezer there's gonna be a fan that forces the cold air from the evaporator coils into the freezer itself. Try to break the fan or fans that do this. If theres enough room in the grating that covers these fans jam anything you can (thermometer, piece of metal wire, frozen rib bone, pork chop, anything) in between the fan blades. Stopping the fan from blowing freezing air will greatly reduce the amount of body heat loss due to convection.


    If you cant stop the fans from blowing the next thing you should do is build an igloo out of the boxes of frozen food stuffs that you are locked in with. Make this igloo as small as you can and still be able to fit within its confines without any part of your body actually touching the igloo.


    To help prevent frostbite keep wiggling your fingers, toes, and the muscles in your face. This produces a small amount of heat and the constant movement will keep your said body parts from freezing.


    Last of all have to have the fighting will to live!!!! Release your inner KAW warrior spirit. Think of what awaits you outside that freezer you're locked in. Warm cup of cocoa, a hot shower, friends/family/loved ones/your KAW clannies ....keep all these people in mind!!!! When your life is flashing before your eyes and you can feel said eyeballs freezing up the thought of seeing your loved ones again can be a very powerful motivator!!!! .....YOU HAVE TO WANT TO LIVE DAMN IT!!!! Its the most important thing you can have to survive an ordeal like this!!!! Get mad, think of all the things you havn't accomplished yet in life like having a build complete KAW account. Making it to the KAW LB, highest post count KAW forums, trading charms ...ya know the important things.

  2. It’s so sad that you don’t have a life
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  4. Maybe those freezers are older, but in the kitchens I've worked at there's been safety measure inside the cooler/freezer so you can open from the inside?
  5. Sounds like a tasty way to spend an evening.
  6. If you weren't stupid you would just trip the freeze stat on the evaporator initiating the defrost cycle for the entire box. Keep that thing packed in frozen goods and that place will heat up. Of course you'd rather break the evaporator fan and make an ice block on the evaporator coil, you idiot.
  7. If he weren't stupid he wouldnt get stuck in a walk-in freezer.
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    am i missing something fhis thread was fine
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  11. Ban freezers , they are deathtraps
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  13. Ours have fire department style 4ft long hatchets

    Edit: and "open from the inside" door mechanisms, but whatever. Hatchet.
  14. Was this one of your imaginary restaurants you owned ?
    Hope it had wheelchair access for you
  15. Maybe it was one of the AR freezers your so against ellaburg..... maybe you liberal losers should spend less time in forums, more time melting now the warmer weather is coming
  16. It probably was Death , then again i could probably not give a ****
  17. Moron none of that is exposed ...not like the 78' Camaro (6 cylinder) you drive around with no hood on, and who keeps a toolbox in the walk-in freezer? You are the idiot. Most modern walk-in freezer fan blower covers are made of plastic, not sure if it's for this specific reason or not (doubt it) but they are.

    There's no commercially made freezer that has its internals exposed like that to the inside of the freezer itself. ...idiot.
  18. Todds right. That guy is an idiot
  19. Dude, you have no idea what a freeze stat is or where its located or what its function in a walk in freezer is, do you? 

    Anyway, have fun being an idiot and displaying it fully.