the charm cap

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  1. I believe devs messed up hugely. Less nk, nobody selling seals. Many quit and trade now stale as nobody needs to sell. All for the sake of a few Whiney cry babies.

    Bravo devs
  2. I think you should just stop being a whiney baby and grow
  3. Get some bfa and grow. Pretty easy with plates
  4. This.
  5. Not my point. Besides would make more sense buy account higher stat. There's that many around being sold for peanuts
  6. Less nk? Are you serious? Do you pay attention to your clan ebs? youve done more NK in last month and bit than last year wake up man!
  7. I agree I can’t find sealer anymore. If there is 1 it’s a robbery so not worth trading charms anymore for seals. I was perfecting this but devs have very little understanding of the game anymore. I think that’s why have new devs. Most got fired I guess 
  8. Things don’t work for me>cry>cry some more. Yikes
  9. Jesus Christ who's crying. I'm pointing out devs screwed up and mocking them for it.
  10. They didnt screw up. It was a good fix get over the fact you wasted all that $$$ instead of growing
  11. How was it a good fix. I've spent nothing btw
  12. Bc 100mcs destroying 1bcs in war
  13. My troops still works
  14. A small account with huge bfa can still wreck a big account. Not a fix
  15. Was a poor fix, the theory was okay, execution and planning poor. Hit ranges all messed up now my 250mcs alt is being farmed by a 2.6b account. I am an admin at NK clan and have noticed a large drop off in seals and seal sellers
  16. Quig I took your bfa .... quit crying an come get it ...Bahahahahaha
  17. I had no bfa you clown and ty for the gold. You just calling me out cause I'm wrecking your new friends so bad. Nice try tho
  18. Bahahahahaha you just another NA gum flapper with no BFA  that Poostain lured into na with candy 
  19. Lies. Why do you lie so much? You wanted a cf from me for pointing out yafi is know for having so many accounts banned for cheating. I'm happy to be here. Now shut up and stay on topic
  20. You butt monkeys in new age always claiming I beg for CFs but I’m yet to ever see a ss of one this ss there big gum flapper  hell post any ss of me asking for a cf 