The Chaos Wars Continue

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  2. Would be a shame to see round wars go, been here for so long and sh is the only viable war build for new players
  3. I like the skirmish idea, 5 people might be a little on the small side, but they could also have multiple types of skirmishes, 5/8/10 person rosters .

    I have always been in favor of trying new ideas instead of just dismissing them at first. A lot of good ideas have been brought up by the community , I understand you still have to code everything and implement it, but we've seen a lot of good ideas passed over .
  4. I agree Vix...4 wars a day are enough but those 4 wars are once again bias towards the US timings and completely ignore the Asia/Australasia players.
  5. I just don't see why if the system is automated as we know it is that there can't atleast be an indi war in Asia Tz even if for no other reason that it stops all the complaints ....
  6. chaos wars continu ?
    less wars mean continu..... i think i miss somethink 
    good war game with less war .... ok back to eb fairy ️
  7. In regards to what station said, why aren't there Indy wars throughout the day with 1/2 round or primals sprinkled in ?

    Who cares if 1000 or 60 people sign up make the rosters based on the number of signups
  8. I agree the war times are not too great for non USA players, im uk and liked the 11pm (uk time) slot! Because alot of us still have jobs and lives to attend, and the 11pm slot was perfect!
  9. It's not the Developers, it's the players. The Devs can't make everyone war, they can't increase participation levels for Primal Wars and Round Wars, only the players can choose to create a war build and war. Most people have a job and when they aren't working they are sleeping, so even 1 hour of the day is hard to fit in and this is why many of the players cannot war.
  10. If you have actually noticed, Primal wars aren't too popular either, in fact there have been a few wars where there were no wars at all. It's down to the fact that more people trust individual wars and that they have less time on their hands to organise wars or even to war.
  11. No round war matchups for War 3. Recall that when Season 4 first started the devs announced that there would be no round wars. Players petitioned and the devs accommodated by allowing one round war per day. With few clans currently participating in round wars (and for many war slots no clans participating at all), it appears that we will shortly return to a schedule of primal and indy wars only.

    I'm sure there are many who will say that clans who stacked rosters brought about the demise of round wars. The argument goes something like: "no one wants to face an LB/SH stacked clan in a round war." Frankly there is some validity to that point.

    What do you think? Are the clans that stacked rosters ultimately going to cause the demise of round wars they dominated--or is there a way to save round wars (aside from the obvious response of "get more people to do round wars")?


  12. Well who wants to be fed to an SH/LB clan anyways. Thread says Round wars reduced when actually untrue. All wars were reduced n no Round Wars in this slot. A wasted prime time war for the few ppl who wanted them n show no support. Selfish n disgusting is my opinion
  13. Cannot save what is not worth saving. Hopefully this week will finally kill these Round Wars like they should have done months ago.
  14. Where is Harbinger_of_Wrath?

    Ur thread had Round Wars reinstated n ur nowhere to be found.
  15. @Chazza

    If u noticed Round Wars r dead n a waste of time n a war slot.
    If u want no war clans then IWars n all its faults r the answer?
    War clans at least can control themselves
    Eg enter a war n do an SS n monitor warriors
    If u rather have only IWars then accept all if its pros n cons
  16. Yes kage thats exactly it.

    Why the hell would anyone risk matching an lb sh roster in round when they could just war primal and not worry about it.
  17. Just stop all wars, change name to kingdoms at wedontgiveaflyingjustgiveusyourmoney, that'll be the end of it.
  18. Exactly Spil..ppl will war for their needs n fun.
    Round Wars do not offer that to the masses.
  19. There has been many viable suggestions but require devs to do something besides working on new games.

    Cant be that hard to force signups % in designated cs slots making that you have to war with all cs ranges. But thats beating a dead horse at this point, devs made it clear they are not going to fix round wars, and they do need fixed, wont be long and primals will need fixed too. But as normal feedback is ignored.
  20. Best fix is let them die as they deserve.
    Devs issued a challenge n so far no response