The Champions of Khal'Khor

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  1. Let their top 5 compete for the new pet while multipliers are lower so that all of kaw isn’t destined to lose. Win-win. We all win that way instead of us losing automatically
  2. This event is what it is. I have never been super competitive for the Leaderboard collection rewards, however I will note one thing for the future. If another event like this occurs where “Top X” from an event are against all of kaw and have a private leaderboard for rewards - please disqualify them from the regular leaderboard.
    It is already a likely assurance they would make Top 10 again, so have their private lb automatically give Top 10 rewards plus whatever fancy things they compete for. It rings to me a little unfair that these players are basically getting to double dip rewards.
    Of course this can be expanded based on the amount on other team (If it’s 25 people then the Top 50 rewards, etc etc).
    Just my two cents :)

    EDIT: To clarify - The private leaderboard would be modified that the base rewards are equal to that of Top 10 on the public leaderboard, with the additional bonuses either swapped for the public equivalent etc. As an example Top 1 doesn’t get 2 pets, instead the specialty pet only. The other 4 would only get the public Top 10 pet.
  3. Not really. I didnt really spend much to keep in the top5. A little more boxes than usual but not a crazy amount. I mostly just hop like mad for the event items, along with the crestplates from ending EBs. win-win situatuion.

    I dont feel that. We had ALOT more boxes opened compared to the last event. If we took out box opening, it would be super close, if not, your team in the lead.

    Exactly as Kezzer put it, we worked alot more & did alot more compared to the other events.

    Why though? - We get no boosts on the main leader board, and the side-leaderboard is basically the same as the normal, just showing our boosted score. The pet is different & is 1-of-a-kind, so its a rare keep. Plus, with 3 of 5 of us getting rewards, all 5 of us could be in the top10 lb, and 2 getting nothing in total..
  4. As I noted near the lower end of my post; the leaderboard you have would be tweaked that #4 and #5 receive equivalent rewards to the Top 10 collectors in the rest of kaw. Then starting at Top 3 the premium items would “replace” the Top 10 equivalent.
    My point here is that if someone is in the special lb they are assumed to become a top collector again in the next event. What I personally find unfair is that now by landing in the Top 3 of that board (which nobody else would ever have a chance to get on), one will receive effectively double the rewards (ie two equipment sets, two pets, etc).
    For this event naturally it is too late for such a change as the rewards are set. However I would imagine this is an easy change to make in a possible future situation.

    If my clarification didn’t help please let me know :)

    EDIT: If the concern then become that technically 15 people receive the “Top 10” rewards, then the Top 10 main lb could be adjusted one-time to Top 5. Maintains 10 people receiving that tier of rewards with the special lb having the unique replacements.
  5. We considered this, but by doing it this way, the players could literally not log in for the entire event and still get the top 10 rewards. We wanted to encourage lots of activity and have a competitive battle between the two sides. It looks like we may have overshot our calculations of how much the evil 5 players would do though.
  6. Also kaw crashes (for some) if you try and hit the top 5 people... You tell us it's a PvP event yet the game makes it impossible for us to pvp the top 5... :lol:
  7. You literally said (for some) then still proceeded to say it’s “impossible” for everyone to hit top 5...
  8. Yes hedwig it is impossible for the people whos kaw crashes when they hit the top 5 to farm the top 5.
    Amazing observation. *slow clap*
    So I'm correct in saying it's impossible for EVERYONE..
    Standard dumb Harry Potter fan.
  9. Likely an issue with how your game is handling shields, clearing your cache (android) or reinstalling (ios) should fix the issue
  10. You weren’t correct in saying everyone, because not everyone has that issue. I have been able to land scouts on them consistently, no crashes. Some of my old clannies have hit them with both spy and attack actions. And I know some who KaW crashes when they attack. It is not an “everyone” issue, it is a some people issue.

    If you are going to say “impossible for everyone” and not include the tag of Everyone = People who’s game crashes, don’t be upset when somebody calls out how that statement is false.
  11. Impossible for everyone is correct because not everyone CAN hit. If I said anyone then you would be correct.. but you're not :lol:
    Sorry you tried to act superior and it backfired.. awkward..
  12. Saying impossible for everyone implies that everyone is having the problem.