The Champions of Khal'Khor

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  1. You need to do more goth to get more binding salts

  2. Thank you.
  3. Is there a list of the champions available anywhere still? The legend that showed them hasn't been in my list for several days, and I don't believe they're listed anywhere else. Pvping them should still be a viable strat imo :lol: would rather have a link than an ss to go off of
  4. My guess was it was probably removed to give some mystery to it. That or they got upset at being made a huge target which I kinda understand.
  5. Yeah we removed them for a bit of mystery, but you can still find them :D
  8. When I try to scout them, it states "cannot contact server". Must be buff spell?
  9. Try restarting your app and scouting again. If your action didn't work because of the buff spell, you should receive a message saying that's the case.
  10. Yeah, still an issue. Takes a ton of time for attack to process, then half the time it says player is protected and half the time it says can't contact server.

    All action types (atk/ass/stl/sct)
  11. Still confused how come 5people can beat all kaw players . N it's a huge gap
  12. Because just like almost all other mobile games KaW is free to play, pay to win.
  13. Their results are definitely boosted by some means. They have over 300m event items between them. I'd believe it it they somehow had a million each as it's possible but damn hard but 60m each is just insane. My guess is that their results are being multiplied by 200. That would put them on around 300k each which is about right for top 5 players currently
  14. To the above & my feedback etc,

    We believe its multiplied by 160 (per 1 event item) - There's many ways of gaining event items, from hopping clans, finishing ebs in clans, being in premium EBs (like Netherking), to opening a lot of boxes. This event was a little different, as some saw, there was a top3 leader board for us 5 (which only we can see, unless you're on PC), so we've been battling for that (although, as you may see, some have a slightly bigger lead than others lol). I feel the multiplier / boost is fair, its down to the amount of boxes we've opened compared to the other events.

    Its a good event, I like the idea of it. But I think the pvp side should be explored more. Maybe hitting us so we lose event items (and is taken by the winner of the attack) could be a good idea for the future. Makes the use of the pvp protection more usable etc.

    I've seen a few comments about this. Would like to see a PVP event, a full 2/3 weeks worth of it. You could possibly gain event items from EBs etc, but drained from usual. If you get hit, you gain more event items, whilst the other player loses them (if they have any). Donate them to a NPC (like this event) to have it "banked". Could be a solo thing, could be a team effort. But something along those lines as a PVP event.

    He is still a god. :cool:
  15. Why no promo this weekend for Father’s Day? Today is the Army’s birthday as well.
  16. Because July 4th is right around the corner
  17. An unique pet as a price
    Only 5 players have the chance to win it
    And a very exiting legend...
    For the same 5 players
    Well done
  18. This legend looks to me like it was curated for the 5 top spenders in this game. Rest of kaw is sort of like guinea pigs
  19. Looks like maybe devs got the multiplier wrong. It’s a shame. At least it will provide them feedback for future events.
  20. Top 5 are opening chests and hopping like crazy to compete with each other. They're definitely doing more than previous events so it's hard to balance correctly as next event the top 5 might not want to open as many chests. I'm sure some players are holding onto items too in order to boost it last minute.