The Champions of Khal'Khor

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  1. The purple was removed just for the length of the event because the "evil" team has purple names for the event duration.
  2. They come out after 2,500 regular event drops and 1 day of event duration
  3. We're trying to find events that are both familiar and unique for players since two of the most common pieces of feedback are 1) this event is the same as all the other events OR 2) this event is too different from the usual events and I don't understand it.

    If you do happen to have suggestions for potential events, feel free to send them to our support team. They do pass on a lot of ideas to us and we try to see how we can improve.
  4. This coming from a player with a credit card build and 2000 charms sitting in a super alliance with all the other scared spenders who need to huddle together and find alternative ways of protecting each other's fake gold, complaining about not getting hit. Maybe try starting your own osw clan and take on a bigger clan? That would require some integrity though. As well as maybe having to play for others and not just for yourself. Maybe try being part of the solution. I get 100s of inc daily in my nf and highly enjoy it, cause I didn't stay with the rest of the lb sheep masses in apoc so that I could receive as little inc as possible cause I'm so dam relevant.

    I will agree, however, these eb hitting events are trash and get no support. I'm not blaming devs though. I blame the ata-profiting players that chase every legend instead of playing to war.

    Ata could do more for whole clans that actually want to war other clans. Cause at one point, that's what kaw was all about. Now it's seemingly non-existent.
  5. News...

    Top 5 from last event are beating our collective asses lol
  6. That is because they can open eb chests and get millions of items in a few minutes. #paytowin
  7. How are these teams anywhere near even, The Mage hasn't been more than 50% of Leidamea since the event started.... Shouldn't they be a bit more balanced?
  8. If enough of us send help tabs they we will have a better chance of getting a more balanced event. I 100% agree with you though
  9. So nobody is gonna mention the 999999+ nobility in one of the screenshots?
  10. 5 allies, 29 buildings and 54 quad out. Make an alt and find that account and hit it.
  11. Please I am requesting you not to bring such stupid changes to event, why the hell we are supposed to hit that statless account after eb. I don't want those stupid team rewards and badge. Don't make such stupid changes, it's irritating.
  12. Quick question regarding the event rewards. For the tiers of the legend, there only seems to be 1 thaulmite fragment dropping per tier as opposed to the previously increasing amount the higher the tier you go. For ex, my legends reward for 32k only says 1 fragment will be rewarded, as opposed to previous events where you’d get 12 fragments for the 32k tier. Wondering if this is just me or a change in the fragment drops for the events?
  13. Only 1 fragment in 50k rewards too. So its for everyone I guess. Should compensate 28 fragments to everyone who crossed 50k rewards.
  14. You are correct; the quest rewards have been changed for this event.
  15. If I may ask, why was this implemented with the next tier being introduced? It is already hard as it is to get the fragments needed to bring then up a tier, yet with this change it will be at most one upgrade an event as opposed to 2-3 upgrades of tier 1->2 for the charms
  16. Lol accept the mistake that you guys messed up tier 32k & 50k fragments reward. It's unintentional mistake. Rewards of 10k give 2 fragments and 50k gives 1 that's funny.
  17. Those accounts don't actually exist on our KaW servers - they're test accounts.
  18. Side legends still drop a pretty normal amount. You'll definitely get more than one combo if you go through them
  19. Stop bootlicking. You are supposed to speak for the community that's the reason you are a mod, to bridge the gap between players and developers. But instead you guys keep on bootlicking devs, they messed up rewards and still you are trying to hide their mistake by saying side legend are still dropping fragments in good number. For you 1 fragment in 50k rewards is a good number for others its not especially when 10k rewards are giving 2 fragments.
  20. Sorry if this has already been covered...

    Is there an up-to-date guide for legend-related item drops? Every time the items change I end up with a mountain of one thing out of the two necessary for combining. In short - which EBs should I focus on to get more binding salts? (Hoping it's not actually completely random) *Crossed fingers*