The Champions of Khal'Khor

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  1. Who were the top 5 from last event?
  2. Top 5 are souls, -ive_dogg-, callmepooh,jrey,mrgibbygibson
  3. @AtaWinston it’s possible top 5 mass open boxes at end if they are down and I was wondering if there was anything done to limit the effectiveness of this?
  4. If this is anything like the other global events, it's not beneficial to donate at the very end because you'll miss out on the other tiers of legends that require you to donate as you go.
  5. Them theirs will be reached well before end and mass point is just a part of the event
  6. It's possible, but it's also possible the team of everyone else does this as well.
  7. So the 5 champions are able to be on both leaderboard?
  8. Yup! But they don't have any boosted effects on the main leaderboard with every other player
  9. This is my first ever forum post so I’ll be nice.
    First of all I love this game, always have enjoyed building a character to attack others and be hit. My favourite time of course was during the first ever PVP event when it was an all out members hitting members for 2 weeks. Barely slept and enjoyed seeing my news feed full of incoming hits. Not to mention I still support this crappy outdated banner with obsolete stats to show that accomplishment. 4th place.
    THAT was Kingdoms at War!

    Today isn’t so, we’ve been introduced to charms which we know what direction that went after collecting for nothing.
    Now to move further away from members hitting each other we have these legends.
    An event based on hitting ebs to accumulate “thingies” and collectively donate to a fake account known as TheMage.
    He even shows up at the top of our “battle list”.
    Not to mention it’s 5 members vs the rest of KaW, but you can’t hit these guys because of a protection spell...
    Sounds about right so far?

    Osw is no longer for reasons that it’s easier for Valkyries and Worms, sorry I can’t name all you idiot clans, but it’s easier for you guys to post on each other’s wall and troll world chat in Pin as you bury yourselves in these eb rather then hit back.
    These challenges are designed to basically team us up together with our enemies to take down TheMage.

    No Support

  10. yeah support your no support..
    Although I support the PvP support of your support
  11. how can i change my team?

    mage is failing down, i dont thing the power of the teams are same.
  12. How do we on the mages team contribute ? Not making much sense to me.
  13. Collect Demonic Souls by combining Soul Containment Vessel with Binding Salts. When you have Demonic Souls, attack TheMage (or steal/scout/assassinate). You will then give the mage items and gain quest progress.
  14. So Top 5 from last event get to be on normal LB and their own special LB?

    This is stupid.

    Also support to Cousy on everything they said. First PvP event was amazing when it was unsolicited awesomeness. PvP events now are just garbage people farming other garbage people who open themselves simply for event items. Same thing as hitting an EB.

    This current event is garbage coddling more towards pay to play players as if all events didnt already do that so for some reason it had to be ramped up more.

    Seriously... who are you guys (devs) running these ideas by? Whoever it is and everyone it is should be ignored and all requests for future ideas should be opened to the entire community. Because I honestly dont blame you guys 100%, I think the people you might be listening to behind whatever doors there might be for ideas on stuff is the problem, whomever they are.
  15. How about an event where everybody pays 5x to everyone else for weekend, with random plate drops. U can only hit the same acct 10 every 8hrs, so no hitting your alts over and over. Simple, actual pvp that folks will buy xstals for.
  16. No side legends this event?
  17. To begin, full support on making pvp events a bigger thing. I remember years ago when these were the main events to come out at the weekends, rewards was fully worth going for, keeping people self pinned for the event items etc lol. Would like to see an event like this for 2 weeks.

    The protection spell is based from teamwork. We dont have enough to cover the full 2 weeks, so there are open spots to be able to hit us / get us pinned. Gotta work on the timing for that, and we have to activate at the right times too. Plus, if one of us does a pvp action, we all lose that protection & get a "lock-out" from re-activating it. (Just as some more info on it)

    Usually appears 1day after new event, as long as you hold (or donated in this case) 1k event items by that time. Give it 9 hours from now. If you dont have 1k items / not donated and its been 9 hours, the legend should become available as soon as you have done that.
  18. Don’t think many ppl like this event at all. Isn’t transformative for anyone in any way as the enemy team has the most active accs in kaw that can Permahide behind their spell. So it’s just another cookie cutter event that devs say is actually transformative but for 99% of kaw doesn’t matter as no eb, pvp, etc. Failure of an event if you ask me but wanna see what others think.

    PS. Literally making a one of a kind priceless pet is sorta dog poop
  19. @[ATA]Winston, why were some of the color options removed at the same time this event came out?