The Buried Continent Part V: The Sleepless Spire

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  1. same question
  2. Ur bad at war anyway
  3. Says the person who goes to ffa clans
  4. Didn't realize fatality became ffa...but ok kid...only times I went to ffa is when you begged me to war with you
  5. Are ffa clans a bad thing or what?They would be a great thing to gain experience and learn how to war back in the day.Seems you don't remember that almost every war you beg on walls for people to join you.Or you don't remember doing ffa wars.
  6. You should be grateful for them, they're all you match LOL
  7. Yus
  8. I can't enchant the equipments says I need a loincloth to enchant a loincloth any idea how that works anyone?
  9. FFA clans don't prove anything about the warrior. And serious clans don't prove anything about the warrior either.
  10. I believe Tarzan is giving some away.

    Just message him asking for his loincloth.

    Like so

  11. Thanks walled him
  12. What ever happened to the speed challenge events?
  13. And you say my grammar is bad!?!?
  14. ?

    Also 'And' shouldn't be at the start of a sentence, you shouldn't use multiple question and exclamation marks, pewdiepie.
  15. Did your parents punish you and now you are angry at me for not allowed to watch nickelodeon?.not sure why you calling me the tube pie guy,you're the one watching him lol.whats next,making fun of blind ppl bc they cant see?as i said,we can take it in swedish any day chump
  16. Buddy, last I checked you started this by trying to correct someone's wording. When someone does it to you, you blame your heritage. Like being swedish changes anything.

    English isn't my first language either.

    Big deal.
  17. The side quests should either have a increase in Rai crests,or once they are completed at the top level another one starts.Completion of the 3 levels in each quest do not give enough for a ug when you hit the higher levels.
  18. Slightly off topic but are the Legends ever going to be anything other than another 'track' in events?

    Could they not be used for global events, clan events or something similar? They could be massive gold sinks for example (community needs to 'spend' 10Q in healing potions to save a kingdom from a plague). Tiered rewards could be based on your contribution but rather than money be little statues, temp font color change etc.

    I dunno, just feel like promised lots with Legends and not seen a great deal.

    I do prefer the incremental reward system over a reward dump after 2 weeks though so they are a step in the right direction.