The Buried Continent Part V: The Sleepless Spire

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  1. Thanks to the Khruta-Kadh dwarves, you have learned the location of the being that has organized and empowered the Dugorim.

    You follow their directions, only to stumble across an abomination from another world...


    For this event you won't have to worry about unique upgrade materials or unusual progression paths. All you'll need to upgrade them is good old Aqua and Inferno.

    As you progress through Legends you will earn several RING and LEGS equipment of various tiers. Feel free to keep them or turn them into permanent charms!

    A New Legend Begins!

    New Legends await! Tap the Legends button to begin.

    Note: If you do not see any Legends, you may need to restart the app. And keep an eye out for new Legends that may appear throughout the week and as you progress and finish previous Legends!
  2. War or a leaderboard for this one? Or nah
  3. Devs be like we have run out of champagne. Lets just put an event and we'll have another party
  4. Thank you for the new update, Developers! Time to start collecting more freebies! :D
  6. It would be nice if the new event chapters were highlighted with the red banner background like they used to be...much easier to distinguish them from other AT threads.
  8. Why another ghey skirt 
  9. Expecting new season to start....devs bringing in legends....why is there so much delay
  10. 12 types of equipment, which only two of them are obtainable in any given event, and you choose to do rings back to back!! So the new nice rings we JUST GOT will immediately be replaced rather than cycling through the other types we haven't seen in a bit? Nice!
  11. you got 1 ring from last event... theres 2 ring spots
  12. Can always count on someone for a narrowminded post just to be argumentative:)

    We got multiple rings last event bud.
  13. and yet you only use 1... so the argument u are trying to make doesn't apply to you or many others on kaw

    its ok tho, ur just narrowminded
  14. Good grief.......many use both. The point is it would be both practical and ideal for equipment types to rotate through before seeing a similar type. Seeing the smaller picture is narrowminded. Don't hate because it's the path you chose.
  15. There will be no s7 stupid smh
  16. Real men wear skirts dammit
  17. When's the event where I get unlimited tokens? Please don't hesitate to respond promptly.
  18. So what's up with not being able to enchant the Carrion Loincloth? When i try to enchant it says I need a Carrion Loincloth and I have 0? Even though enchanting that item?