The Buried Continent Part IV: Hearts and Minds

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Charlie, Jul 22, 2017.

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  1. I have the OR crest rewarding mission now - got it maybe 12 hours ago.

  2. There is aqua/inferno weekends that occur.
  3. With the Nether eb running through the weekend another rai side quest is needed with those drops from it 6k was reached easily.
  4. To be fair to the above, some of us didn't even have the OR side quest unlocked before they ran NK once.

    Some weren't able to run NK at all.

    Isn't the incentive to war and PVP once you easily complete the Legends? I could be wrong.

  5. Can't see any incentive to war with all the contraversy over bots accusations of ppl leaking and all the other crap associated with the present system.
    On one hand you are told to grow but to war you need the towers which deminishes your gold earnings then there's the issue of device speed which is the main factor for success in warring.
    I have attempted warring when they were 1st introduced but playing on a Droid tab there's too many screens to go through for a action I'm ko'ed before I get in a couple of hits.Happy just to hit ebs and grow.
  6. How did we go from earning the favor of gods-

    to fighting an army of of green creatures?
  7. I can't collect my rewards from the event on the browser... Why not?
  8. You cant collect rewards on PC.
  10. Still no legends, even after restarting app 
  11. Enjoy while u can 
  12. Rip no event
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.