The Buried Continent Part IV: Hearts and Minds

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  1. At last, you have reached the city of the Khruta-Kadh, only to find it besieged by a gobblyn army of unimaginable scale.

    With successful direct attack being impossible, you must undermine the gobblyn horde by other means...


    For this event you won't have to worry about unique upgrade materials or unusual progression paths. All you'll need to upgrade them is good old Aqua and Inferno.

    As you progress through Legends you will earn several OFFHAND and RING equipment and unlike previous events, you will get to keep them all. What will you do with all this equipment, you ask? TURN THEM INTO CHARMS? Maybe. Your call.

    A New Legend Begins!

    New Legends await! Tap the Legends button to begin.

    Note: If you do not see any Legends, you may need to restart the app. And keep an eye out for new Legends that may appear throughout the week and as you progress!
  2. So where is season 7?
  3. Seasons normally start after asw.
  4. Equipment looks awesome now time to grind away till asw ;)
  5. Posting new event details 30 minutes after it starts is not good 
  6. Interesting that the legend timer shows it started at the normal time 3pm est and in Big Hearts 2 goth were finished after that time but we couldn't activate the legend until a hrs ago,Are you going to fix the time or compensate the community that had finished ebs but had no access to the legend.
  7. Yess I need a new offhand
  8. What are black cat spikes
  9. It was an event item from a previous event. The glitch should've been fixed now! :)
  10. Not sure if it's a bug but the second ring given has the same exact stats as the first one given
  11. All events are based on same crappy equipment
  12. Yeh noticed that strange
  13. What's the real purpose of Legends-History section? Where is our missing Nakra Shaman Daggers? (I know I'm not the only one who experienced this)
  14. Already hit 40k now what??
  15. Go for top 500 war
  16. Finished the first legend (side one) in 3 days, haven't seen a new one yet. Nearly at 40k aswell
  17. these events are great in my opinion, i just feel that were not getting enough aqua/inferno to be able to make good charms out of everything. Im not saying give us all of it that we want, just a little more to keep us going better :)
  18. Is the war lb in new legend is broken ? I can't see myself in war lb!
  19. They are slow with releasing the side quests,I guess that do not want to give out too many rai crests.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.