The Buried Continent Part I: Troggub's Maw

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Caster, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. Maybe we could have a new banner as well
  2. Banners/banner tokens pls?
  3. Indeed.
  4. You gave new big stats,how about making that extra bar on hte permanent or naw to still wanna bleed your paying customers some more?
  5. No war component?
  6. Devs were saying that the war component could be added later but not right now or something along those lines. I think its in the pipeline
  7. yeah a other legends. some SB for the grow. eh oh wait iam on PC.
  8. I'm gonna make an educated guess and say I'll use this equipment to take up huge amounts of space on my profile page.
  9. Why is there no pvp leaderboard legend event this weekend?
  10. I'm wondering the same.
  11. Can we get max stats plz thanks
  12. more like wondering why there is no legends for PC
  13. I see you added the weekend pwar lb finally but it only shows top 10 and how much is needed could you please fix it to show top 100 and 50 too like every other event. Thanks
  14. Glad you decided to shaft everyone who got the 25k reward. No shoulders for 25k lmao autistic ass devs
  15. The next eb after Goth in the Sveruganti tier is needed LotL has lousy drops n the gold sucks,it's been quite awhile since Goth was put out.
  16. Dear esteemed A Thinking Ape developers,

    Will you implement a shop interface for new players alike featuring banners and equipment that were rewards from events in 2014 and 2015? The Quetzal event for example.
  17. None of that is even worth the time or money to get, they would be outrageously priced
  18. Please no more of the stupid events where we can't max the equip unless you get 10. The way this event is set up is literally perfect. We get our equip it the moment we hit that tier. No waiting on rewards, it's fantastic
  19. Make all pvp actions count.
    Im not chasing silly event items when I have people to farm. Where's the fun in that?