The brave

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  1. Imagine for a second, that you are a peasant, residing in King 420noscopes domain, and suddenly the King’s men come to your village. You are recruited into the army and are told that you will have an important upcoming assignment.

    You train in the clouds, alongside strange beasts that dominate the skies, all with weird names you cannot pronounce.

    Days pass and finally you are sent out on route to a great battle, surrounded by your brothers in arms. You march for days through desert, forest, and over water, where you finally reach a cavern. You descend to the sounds of great battle, rocks grating against each other and screams of men in pain. You reach the battle and you see a giant rock monster engaged in battle with other soldiers. You muster up whatever courage you can and rush into battle.

    The behemoth turns, and swings an arm, cleaving into the ranks of men. you are hit full on by the rocky limb, and you die before you hit the ground.

    Can we get some respect for our KaW soldiers.
  2. Respect to the soldiers who go into the nether realm to fight a monster that bleeds gold. Respect to our PR team that manages to recruit thousands of soldiers every 5 minutes. The true unsung heros
  3. Respect to our units who are heavily specialized in three different fields--scouting opponents, thievery, and assassinations--even though they'll only get to do one before being replaced.

    Maybe the 5min regen is just them all getting healed up though. Injuries and deaths both counting as casualities; our kingdoms are known to contain very effective healing abilities (see: misc pots such as scroll of healing) so those may be used locally. I want to believe my spies are so specialized because they've fought so many times and just have so much experience. Then they train new guys super fast every time I build a new building, because they're all so experienced.
  4. No thrawn your spies are just lazy ass..inspector gadget could catch em or that wandering villager dave...
  5. Better than the last one...