The Bone Hunt Leaderboard

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  1. And that's exactly what it says in the official thread. The only lies come from players assuming the gold key is supposed to increase your chances of a better item.
  2. I wonder how much money it costed to get 2k. Or even on the lb at all. I been doing normal free ebs and I can't even get up to 50 arms.
  3. Well if they are spending hundreds then of course they will get more stuff and nicer things. This usually applies to RL as well. So enough of the crying. Top 100 have spent hundreds more then you. So they will get more then you.
  4. 150ish off lb. not to bad for a small person.
  5. Its use less all strong players are in big strong clans they keep doing ebs faster and receive more limbs then weak players because of this i cant sleep keep hitting ebs damn everything but iam still under 100 limbs dev need to do something its not fear its clear no support to weak players
  6. Yo chill, he wasnt crying about the difference in limbs he was making compared to them, he was just asking how much they spend to get that many limbs?
  7. There should still be an option to do well by working hard to earn it. Think of the hours some players put in to catch up with paying customers.they aren't investing money but they are investing their time into this game. something much more valuable. As a business you are right. But this isn't just a business it's a community. For some reason some people can't see that what they are doing Is milking the top players while this game is left to slowly die
  8. There are still prizes for simply collecting limbs. You don't have to be top 1k. If you would like to... You know whats required 
  9. To many ppl cry they don't get limb buy seal do crystal 24 a day u will be lb lol
  10. "Life is unfair, it was not made to be fair"

    Good quote
  11. True that.
  12. #1000 Limb club
  13. I have 628 limbs so far. Spent bout 200 U.S.D so far
  14. Any chance of an update? Sup swan. ️
  15. LOL iv spent $30 and am close to top 100
  16. The feels 
  17. Lol...stop crying. Boo hoo im not on lb. I cant coolect limbs. If you want lb then like it has been said for it.
    If you dont like the hunt then dont hunt for limbs. Just play as you do and you will get limbs.
    Not fair to little guys...stop crying. We were all little once and worked hard to the same and dont whine.
    Just play the game, have fun, and enjoy...after all it is only a game.
  18. Non pay to play players be like