the best war commanders

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  1. Cloud I'll pay you $5 if you request this thread to be locked
  2. Please. Im sick of seeing horribly wc's mentioned and put above people who are strategical genius's
  3. Sorry if you havent wc against a top lb roster then really the wars are diff with all lb and massive rosters.
  4. DeL here wanted to pop on say when I was still playing.
    Sylver and Devin
  5. Man these were the days. :shock:
  6. Shyguy the only best wc ever
  7. This brings back so many memories
    Dmerch n iso still the best
    When sotuw beat rh will always be my fondest menory. Miss you guys
  8. Todd bacon was a boss war commander
  9. Ee is still a thing?
  10. I guess he’s ok 
    Jk shyguy is a fantastic WC
  11. Best 2 wc ever nó particular order is fonzii and mint I'm not to bad myself either
  12. Lol who are those, og master is best wc if u disagree u suk
  13. Yes I remember fonzii what clan did he war with that escapes me