the best war commanders

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  1. RH I'm pretty sure they found out they were botting
  2. Atrops and -Hatf1eld-. ASW4 best ever
  3. I don't remember hearing about this. Maybe I missed it .-.
  4. Even when other "stacked rosters" with larger lb matched, RH would be victorious. During their 105 and 156 win streaks the match wasnt always favorable. They were just damn good
  5. In no particular order, a few i rate to WC:

    Wang the RoE WC
    Yoda009(where u gone buddy?)
    PoC WC
  6. I've been under a war commander before.
    She was very domineering, but in the end I think I won.
  7. Rekt.

    I couldn't say that ONE person is the "best WC" since it's all relative to personal opinion/experience, but the WCs I see put effort in & produce results are (in no particular order):

    Chucky(previously named Ormey)

    Figured I'd just throw this in here too... best tracker I've seen = Tom. Uses his own tracking program & is accurate to the second.
  8. Yes u would say tom cause he uses the following ss. oops did i let ur secret out
  9. Even in defeat, Syl uses what she has learned. I'm sure most great wc's have defeats. For me, Syl understands, watches, reacts and predicts. If you've ever warred under her lead you would realise what a Great War Lead she is 
  10. What? Those are the war stats to a war that already ended. What does that have to do with tracking a war or this thread in general? Just wanted to find another thread to complain on cantonesewhineball?
  11. Thx sora appreciate the comment.
  12. Not to brag but I've beaten all the greats, Val, iso, vu and ended the worms win streak as well as rising hawks. There's not many wars that I've lost as wc, however I don't really play much anymore.
  13. Not to brag? Lol seems like you're bragging to me.
  14. We had a dev in our clan.
  15. Who did you wc for?
  16. Omar brings up a good point. For a good while clans we faced used the same or better "stacked" rosters than us. DS had some monster builds all top 200lb and then ofc some of the best sh in kaw, while rh maybe had aLB #25, #150, and then between 1-4 normal attack builds, follwed by the sh. So, many wars were fair or even tilted for the opponent.

    Not to mention, clans used strange tactics to win vs rh. I remember a war i was in vs udder madness, when over 10 name changes occured mid war. One acct changed names twice in the same war.

    They all changed to some variation of a barcode saying "RH fingered me" it was truely one if the most memorable matches I've been in. Rh won by maybe 1b...
  17. And I am sure no one cares about my opinion... but sylv is in the top echelon of ee wc. No doubt about it.