the best war commanders

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  1. Adamathome_84 best WC . Great tracker too
  2. Mercey and iEmpress, hands down the best war commanders.
  3. Wulf, sylv, and CajunSpice (a little biased but she did amazing for having nothing to work with)
  4. Fonz is #1 for sure. he allways develop and complete new strats for each new kinda war. his feeling for xtal calls is absolute best ive seen. Props to my girl redhotvixen she did great EE S2 (before evryone used stacked rosters). i also remember Hat being a good wc along with Roland and Crystalee during EE S1. Oh almost forgot Elvin was a great wc to in the early days. No respect for stacked roster wc's... they destroyd EE for evryone
  5. Val, solange, redhotvixen
  6. I did a war with wulf once.
    He is amazing.
  7. I have warred with dmerch, ISO and lady , they are all great wcs, thx very much

    Now I'm an eb fairy
  8. CajunSpice ️️
  9. Best I've warred with since estocs started,lady, iso, fishmike, merch, adamathome, fishfood kyle2006 that's just to name a few, all great all fantastic strategists
  10. Myself, kratos, Dali is amazing and oridante
  11. love it when people say themselves

    Especially when their clan hardly wins
  12. Lol troll I was in an EB clan when I posted that, who hadn't done any wars. Good try tho
  13. You are from EoL
  14. My vote goes to eR-Mamba  love warring under his command, no matter win or lose 