the best war commanders

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  1. what have been some the better war commanders you have war under? why did you choose them? during individual wars you probably have meet a few out there good or bad.
  2. Val and/or Iso. Best WC's ever as of now in my opinion.
  3. Umm do you mean EE or OSW?
  4. Smoke break
  5. Me,myself, and I
  6. joosmop where are you?
  7. Val, definitely
  8. Who ever is wc at RH. They know how to war. I kinda want to war with them someday
  9. Tazz, su, and Val are best IMO
  10. Rising Hawks is a group. I use to war there it was very fun. It is not just the war commander the hand picked warriors do a great job working together and with the commander. If you are a hlbc sh always coming on top at your clan I suggest talking to them about applying if you are interested in them. They are very strict with your war effort and activity.

    Also I am undefeated in indiwars and I have commanded a few times ;)
  11. I toss Atropos in the running
  12. Also SylverDragon

    We beat Silver n used no xtals
  13. As for Atropos his resume includes being wc of this years winner of ASW.
  14. AoW infamous undefeated in indie with ee level 1 lmao did u win once so u can claim undefeated.... Peasant
  15. Atropos was excellent in asw.

    Adamathome_84 was the best I've warred with though. Miss you bud. ️

    I'm also 1-0 as wc. Woot woot!