The Best Trolls of 2016

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by catschrodinger, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. Is it possible one of the mods silenced a Dev by mistake
  2. Well if you're gonna do that go bash your head in with a hammer a couple times first
  3. The mod who silenced the Dev must've gotten in so much trouble 
  4. You seem really angry. Did Zethy-Wethy upset Toddy Woddy?

    Go sit in the corner, son.
  5. How stupid are you? Reread the post I'm not insulting you you idiot're so delusional and neurotic EVERYTHING just has to be about you right?

    Stop collecting cats and use some of that cat food money on therapy
  6. Good, let the hate flow through you.

    Where have I ever stated I collected cats or anything of the sort? You're getting wild here man. You should get help.

    And capitalizing words doesn't make them mean anything more. If this wasn't an insult, telling me to bash my head in with a hammer, then telling you to shove a rusty length of galvanized pipe up thine ass isn't one either.
  7. So pun-tastic.
  8. You're alive!
  9. Here and there, good sir.
  10. Zeth you fool, Tod was saying that to be able to make a thread like Lili, you would have to bash your head in with a hammer first. (Not that I agree)

    If anything it's a compliment you idiot.
  11. BUMP! Added a new troll! Read the bottom of the first post!
  12. :lol: check the world announcement for the wc war screenshot
  13. Yah that was classic. :lol:
  14. You realized you wasted 26 speakers right? :lol:
  15. Worth it :lol: