The Best Trolls of 2016

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  1. Support
  2. I remember seeing this last year and holy Jesus I was amazed .
  3. Does anyone have an ss of them actually spamming wc ?
  4. Saw it from beginning to end best troll ever and I've seen some good ones rip Dod
    Kaw GoD oh and did dell ever get freed he was accidentally silenced in the mix.
  5. :!:NOTE :!:

    The rest of the list will be funny trolls, but not to the magnitude of DoD. What DoD did was legendary and probably wont happen again.
  6. Wasn't it slayerbob who silenced kaw during the DoD fiasco?

    And DoD wasn't trolling to be funny or play a funny trick. He was ranting about not being able to buy and sell accounts. He was genuinely mad and went through a lot of trouble to cause a big scene to draw attention to his grievance.
  7. It was still pretty funny though. :lol:
  8. That was some fun stuff. R.I.P. DoD
  9. Ruby from support.
  10. His accounts had like the same stats and eq rly
  12. He's the son of spragga, and in the 3rd day after his dead he shall come back from the dead 
  13. casual bump
  14. Updating this with a new post soon, so thanks for bumping D4RK.
  15. I don't think this would be that hard actually, I can think of two ways to go about this kind of spam. All he did was just create a ton of accounts right?
  16. Best troll of recent times... Devouring.

    That guy pissed so many KaWers off and got banned several times for his trolls.
  17. Dod was a no life noob.. VdV_zezo_VdV was his main, which he recently reset. Nobody special.. Just a Dorito eating Mountain Dew drinking, basement dwelling nub.

    Read my wall for his butthurt just before his build drop (not claiming credit for that)
  18. ...weren't all these "alts" statless for the most part? (If so it really wasn't that impressive)
  19. Most were a few mil in cs. He basically took advantage of the free lowlands put a few hits in on each and called it an army of alts..

    He threatened me with all his alts... Never took 1 hit from any of his accounts. He only threatened clans I was in and still nothing ever come of it.

    People are giving this muppet way too much respect for nothing...
  20. I have been informed that my humor is too highbrow to be on this list.

    I guess I should make a Lili thread?