The Best Trolls of 2016

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  1. In the light of the Attacks of the DoD, I have decided to make a thread memorializing the best trolls throughout 2016. If you have any suggestions to add to this thread, don't hesitate to shoot me a PM. :)

    Anywho, let's get started with the first one...

    The Attacks / Revenge of the DoD (January 19, 2016)

    Disclaimer: I only caught the last half of this troll and didn't SS WC at the time, so all the images in this section are provided by D4rk who's thread can be found in the references section.

    This troll is probably one of the most elaborate, clever, and utterly savage trolls pulled off so far this year.

    In the immortal words of Chaos "R.I.P DoD, most epic troll of 2016. 19 head shots and still kept coming back". The DoD Attacks were trolls by a player named DoD and their 50+ Alts on WC. They spammed WC, and the mods struggled to pick them down one by one, while more of the DoDs continued to spam WC. Even the devs had to get involved.

    When it seemed like the last of the DoD accounts were banned, and the mods thought they could relax, DoD avenged themselves from the grave and pulled off one last attack before fading away into the Ban Pit.

    Many players speculate that DoD was a Dev in disguise, or at least someone close to the devs. To this date no one (except for the devs maybe and DoD themself) know the identity of the player behind the DoD troll.

    He is considered a deity among most of the players of KaW, and his story will most likely live on well after the end of the game.

    Lowland War - WC vs...... WC???? (January 28, 2016)

    So what do you get when the Devs screwed up the match ups, and no clans got matched up in time for war?


    The story of this is simple, after the new Clan Role and Lowland War Updates went out, wars were broken and no one got matched. As a result, a few trolls from WC got to action (wasting speakers) by having a war in WC.

    Hell, even I got in on the action.

    And the mods didn't even ruin our fun.... THEY JOINED IN!

    Great job Devs, for once, your failures were actually useful in WC by ridding it of Clan Ads and filling it with hilarity.

  2. Any trolls I missed? Let me know either on this thread or PM. :)
  3. Still pretty early, but that was pretty epic to say the least
  4. Save a section for me.
  5. DoD trolled everyone better than most can even dream of doing. he got our world chat reeling, left our moderators constantly taking him down just to get back up, and even had to have the developers called in on him.. and even silenced one of them... all in less than an hour. DoD is a legend among trolls, and no one will ever surpass what he did.
  6. Reserved (I have plans...)
  7. Same

    I don't remember if it was 2016 or not but I trolled troll king on the 'show your bod win a sod contest' thread for men, I couldn't find it after but Check page 18 and post ss here if you find it 
  8. I see that SS about KaW being silenced every time dod gets brought up. Did anyone actually see KaW get silenced, or is it the SS from when KaW was silenced a couple years ago?
  9. Not 2016, but I have a story
    Yrimir an old mod (I think that's there name)
    It was a silent night, morning struck and all he mods found they where silenced..along with all of IG. He had mod take away. This happened long ago..correct me if this is inaccurate.
  10. Yarmes. Freaking Yarmes.
  11. 'Kaw' actually did get silenced that very same night. Have the original picture somewhere. WC was going ballistic when it happened! :lol:

    DoD I miss you, pls come back man️
  12. Here's hoping another good troll comes along this year, but nothing can top DoD.
  13. Challenge accepted
  14. No, just sit down
  15. i cant believe he dod it
  16. Where was I when this happen
  17. This was last Tuesday evening. I was entertained in WC for over an hour watching this unravel
  18. I have the ss as well and yes just the other night.Chaos was there as well as SlayerBob and I believe Mango was flitting around as well. All time great show!!
  19. I nominate myself. The Magoo thread? The Salty thread? Any of my threads really?

    Totally me. Me all the way. #ZethTillDeath