The Battle of the Nomads

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  1. Can I bet 5 arrows on each side and get a failsafe win on my bet?
  2. Encouraging betting in a 9+ game is a touch immoral.
  3. ATA sort yourselves out there are minors here who trust and respect your decisions. Betting is not a wholesome venture and as such should not be encouraged?!
  4. The times are not East Coast Friendly. Most I'll either be at work or asleep.
  5. Does it matter how many times we do the same EB? Or does arrows drop from it no matter how many times it's been completed?(if you have earned arrow drops)
  6. Hey kaw! Some of us don't do ur stupid ee games. Why in the **** aren't there things for me to bet ? I wanna gamble !!
  7. My faith and respect for this game wains every time i login. Tut tut :sad:
  8. Thank you for remembering me in these times, and for the kindness, but I'm afraid you are mistaken.
  9. Someone make a thread on which ebs drop horns
  10. Arrows* omg
  11. In the event of a tie between number of clans winning, the total plunder generated between all Green and all Purple clans in that match will be used as a tiebreaker.
  12. Hmmm interesting idea of betting on wars , like that part but doesn't seem like much strategy is involved in the way you choose to bet. So kinda takes the fun out of betting. It's not like betting on a team you think will win but rather like a lottery. Or a scratch off  not my preferred form of betting
  13. can we bet without being involved in the war?

    and what is going to stop someone from betting for the other team and then throwing a war?
  14. Yay Green arrow lol
  15. Anyway still Ty for the effort 
  16. Thank u for the explanation on pg9. I thought it meant best of 6 wars that were all seperate days
  17. Only one arrow drop in HTE...
  18. Kaw_community is Benny... Not Cor...

    Don't tell everyone
  19. Big booooo. Why would you do this middle of s4. After your bad bee
  20. One can only assume that kaw_Community is vacant as far as the rules are concerned?????