The Battle of the Nomads

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  1. So why wouldn't I bet one arrow for each side every war and reap the rewards
  2. Kaw_admin,

  3. One sides loses, say you lose 1 arrow, the other wins you probably will get one. Negating it.
    That is what I think
  4. Bet the drop rates will heavily favor hte only again.
  5. It would be cool if could just wager on regular clan wars

    And then the clans warring could see the amount wagered for or against them pre war

    And everyone gets all nervous and folds under the pressure .

    Or we can have people purposely losing wars to knock people off the arrow leaderboard

    Think of the drama!
  6. Will you be releasing the stats of the weapons?
    Are all arrows a player get displayed in the EB record?
  7. That's correct. Here's an example:

    Purple Vagrants 1 vs Green Drifers 1
    Purple Vagrants 2 vs Green Drifers 2
    Purple Vagrants 3 vs Green Drifers 3
    Purple Vagrants 4 vs Green Drifers 4
    Purple Vagrants 5 vs Green Drifers 5

    In the above matches, as the different Purple Vagrants clans won 3 of the 5 matches, those who bet on Purple would have won.
  8. I used to happily play Kingdoms at War...

    But then I took an arrow to the knee.
  9. @devs, can I have a seal? :p
  10. You could defiantly influence the overall result by throwing one war.
  11. Can I +1 this? :D
  12. I understand now. Ty mr/mrs kaw
  13. Re: The Battle of the Nomads I

    I totally understand this new betting system, it's 93% luck. You can't manipulate the wars to affect the betting because your betting on the outcome of an overall team. Putting a ps alt with gold out in one war isn't necessarily going to affect the outcome of the betting because other people could be doing the same thing for their other wars.
  14. Cool!!! Yay free euip
  15. Um do the items give u anything? Like +1% spy atk or something? Or is it just to show off
  16. I'm just curious, have you checked to see if this gambling scheme is legal in all jurisdictions this game operates?
  17. Really... Betting? What the .... Is next? Isn't betting against TOU and CODES OF PRACTICE! My god!. How ATA have the balls to run this in the first please is beyond comprehension. Talk about hypocrites! Bring back the old ways. :wink:
  18. So I assume toxins are the same as psion from the hive eb?
  19. There is barely enough time to analyse your own indi war b4 war starts, let alone 8 or so wars

    Also what happens if the green and purple teams win equal numbers of wars?
  20. Also I don't expect to get a follow up from Kaw_community cos they know I'm right!!!!!!