The Battle of the Nomads

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  1. tht last comment killed me kaw com...

    Bk to serious business now:

    Good equip only for top 500. Not worth the time
  2. Betting arrows does take them away, however if you win you'll earn a share of the total arrows bet on all sides. This means winners will earn more arrows back than what they bet with. Losers however will lose out.
  3. I spent over 800 aqua and inferno leveling this standpoint. And u think ima do this event to swap it out again U CRAZY
  4. This will be too easily cheated on since people can just war with alts and make sure they lose then the main gets the arrows
  5. Agreed trek this would be very easy to rig
  6. Can we bet on both sides?
  7. Think that would negate it. You bet say 10. You win, you get say 5, you lose you lose 5.
  8. How often do arrows drop from ebs and which eb
  9. Earn Nomad Arrows through EBs and Wars.

    Once every two days, a single war time will be open for betting. All players who sign up for individual wars during this time will be placed on either the Purple Vagrants or the Green Drifters.

    Purple and Green Toxins will become available in the store. Purchasing X Green Toxins will convert X of your Nomad Arrows into Green Drifter Arrows, signifying your bet on that team. Same goes for Purple Vagrants.

    When the wars end, the overall winner (e.g. Green drifters win 6 and Purple Vagrants win 4. Green Drifters win) will determine who gets paid out.

    You will get paid out in Nomad Arrows based on the amount you have bet and the total number of Nomad Arrows bet by ALL players.
  10. Could you be kind and tell us just one eb that drops arrows besides HTE? :D
  11. Can we bet on the next war
  12. Need an eb series that requires the use of the equips from the event after it has ended to complete, for limited time.

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  13. Bit unfair for ppl not in pdt tz
  14. Seriously, why are you all obsessed with piling us up with weapons and offhand? There were other spots to fill that haven't been used for events yet. Give us a trinket or shoulders or something, damn!
  15. The betting thing won't work unless you give out fractions of arrows
  16. I don't like this new promo
  17. So we aren't betting on individual wars but 8 separate wars all within the same time slot but we are only picking one color for all 8 wars . Right ? 
  18. My impression of this betting system is like that the Vegas has. You can do fail safes. Say you bet on both sides you bet 100 arrows for side a and 50 on side b. If side a wins you lose the 50 but gain a % of the winnings from side a. However, the more people that place bets the less arrows you will receive. Same with side b if everyone places bets on side a and side b pulls upset then depending on how many people betted on side b you could double your winnings from side b.all in all though this could get exploited way to easy to throw wars and get loads of arrows. I see this going wrong on many levels
  19. Kaw_admin is cor