The Battle of the Nomads

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. I still feel my glave us better
  2. Suggestions for a draw to make it fun:
    - make the next individual war eligible for betting. return original betting
    - everyone wins a little eg. 5-10%
  3. When will rewards be received
  4. Why is the top 1000 bow better than the Top 500 crossbow
  5. It's not upgraded
  6. When is last bid. Is it over ?
  7. The Battle of the Nomads is now over. We'll be looking through the results, announcing our winners, and getting rewards out shortly.
  8. where are my rewards!? i have been waiting for MINUTES!!!
  9. The stats were way lower than u said.
  10. Can't get my bow past 2.
  11. And at the end of the line I got the second to last bow thanks kaw
  12. Just out of interest, why do I still have arrows in my inventory?
  13. These are a pain to enchant. I have wasted a good 50 aqua/inferno on just the 4 to 5 enchant. Haven't had a reset, so I'm curious if they even do reset?