The Battle of the Nomads

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  1. My message said here are some arrows to get me started. Only got 1  that's not some 
  2. Sounds fun
  3. Warring players are allowed to bet? Have you ever heard of Pete Rose?
  4. Loving the idea of the event though 
  5. Bring.. A ... Dam.. OSW... Event... Out ... Already... You ... Useless ... Bafoons.
  6. a hunt mid season!? WHY???
  7. Sounds complicated
  8. It's a hunt...only with betting... I don't like it. Try again.
  9. Interesting an app encouraging gambling to hmmmmm what tou says...9years and old....what's next alcohol? Lol....nice now gime some seals...and I'll keep quiet 
  10. So, how long until we get people throwing wars in an attempt to win bets? Perhaps it should be coded that war participants if they choose to bet can only bet on their team winning.
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    Of course a sh would say rig the betting system :lol: .

    Reset my alt on this guy, because he is a sh :lol:
  13. Can I sell arrows in a dark alley to gambling junkie KAW players?

    Note: I will wear a trench coat, and talk like Bugsy Siegel.

    "Pssssssst. Hey, kid. C'mere, see? I got these arrows see?! YOU'RE GONNA BUY SOME, SEE?! OR I'LL GIVE YOU THE WORKS, SEEEE?!"
  14. Ill buy some mr. willy :lol:
  15. The arrows drop from ebs huh? *buys a seal*
  16. We all start with 1 arrow. If we lose it at the first bet, does it mean we are out of the event?
  17. Ok. So ur placing a bet on like purple clans, do the purple clans get a piece of the winnings too? Like a bookie? Or a middle man? Or the prize fighter after a boxing match?
  18. As usual, a selection of EBs will be dropping Nomad Arrows.

    Arrows will also be dropping from wars so Season players can participate. Betting will also allow you to make gains on other players.

  19. What if ur in the war. Bet other side and throw the it the pete rose effect
  20. That's quite some
    Nostril flaring goin on LOL