The Battle of the Nomads

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  1. Eg if ur bet r say 1% of total arrows bet on both colours n u win u win 1% of all arrows bet in total on both clans
  2. Correction: 1% bet on winning clan
  3. How.long we have to wait to get arrows from bets we made
  4. When do we get our winnings from our bets of the 9/21 war?
  5. did someone break the arrows we were supposed to get is that why we don't have them yet
  6. It takes time. Sometimes more than usual.
  7. Okay I don't really understand work we participate and the winners get arrows along with those betting on them?
  8. How do we know who wins?
  9. today green or purple, win??
  10. I bet yesterday but still have the mage arrow stuff I bought. So idk what is going on. Lol
  11. So I had 4 purple and 4 green last bet, I lost none of them, and gained none of them. Help?
  12. Maybe u won 8. Duh
  13. I bet 5you on purple and still have them. Who won?
  14. Purple won but rewards haven't been distributed
  15. Equipment sucks. It wont boost much of your stats. Just try to imagine how could you go into a war having only an Arrow without a Bow/Crossbow and vice versa.

    Its like having the most deadliest gun in the war. But got no bullet.

    Bringing tremendous amount of bullets when you dont have a gun

  16. As anyome got there pay out from last nights bets i havent gotten mine yet
  17. With the number of disappointed players growing over this promo it seems though kaw_com has had no choice but to hide :lol:
  18. Someone was saying only pay outs once a week thats lame since im not really into promo n just wanna bet them all cause the equipment probably wont be any good its just fun to bet.
  19. So do we get our winnings sometime this year come on Kaw even the lottery is faster then this
  20. Anyone else have more than 100 yet?