The Battle of the Nomads

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  1. Every kingdom has its outcasts. Those wretches whose unspeakable crimes will mark them for all time. In these lands, they form two opposing sects: the Drifters, and the Vagrants. Doomed to wander the realm, these nomads spend their days collecting the broken arrows of their bygone follies.

    As you participate in Wars and Epic Battles from now until 12:00PM PDT on October 2nd, you'll stumble across the occasional Nomad Arrow that was left behind during battle. At the end of the event the Nomad Warlords will reward you with their very own equipment based on the number of Nomad Arrows you bring to the fight!

    Arrow Rewards

    Based on the number of Nomad Arrows you have at the end of the event, you'll receive one of the following pieces of Off-hand equipment after the event ends on October 2nd.. Rewards do not stack.

    25 Nomad Arrows

    Nomad Quiver
    2,906,362 Atk, 3,914,692 Def, 2,374,586 Spy Atk, 3,798,110 Spy Def
    Achievement (Level 1)

    50 Nomad Arrows
    Nomad Quiver (+10)
    5,399,800 Atk, 7,273,200 Def, 4,411,800 Spy Atk, 7,056,600 Spy Def
    Achievement (Level 1)

    100 Nomad Arrows

    5,812,724 Atk, 7,829,384 Def, 4,749,172 Spy Atk, 7,596,220 Spy Def
    Nomad Bow
    Achievement (Level 2)

    Top 1000
    9,094,400 Atk, 12,249,600 Def, 7,430,400 Spy Atk, 11,884,800 Spy Def
    Nomad Bow (+10)
    Achievement (Level 3)

    Top 500

    Nomad Crossbow
    8,234,693 Atk, 11,091,627 Def, 6,727,993 Spy Atk, 10,761,312 Spy Def
    Achievement (Level 4)

    Top 100
    Nomad Crossbow (+10)
    12,729,318 Atk, 17,145,612 Def, 10,400,238 Spy Atk, 16,635,006 Spy Def
    Achievement (Level 5)

    Top 10

    Golden Nomad Crossbow
    14,002,250 Atk, 18,860,173 Def, 11,440,262 Spy Atk, 18,298,507 Spy Def
    Achievement (Level 5)

    War Betting System

    With this event we're introducing a brand new war betting feature. With this you'll be able to bet your Nomad Arrows on war rounds in hopes of earning even more back! But beware, if you guess wrong you'll lose all of the Nomad Arrows you've bet to the other side.

    How it Works:
    Every two days there will be an individual war slot indicated as open for betting. During this timeslot players will be placed in either a Green Drifers or Purple Vagrants clan. After which you'll have the option to bet on the side you think will win. The winning side is determined by all the matches in that timeslot. (Ex: If there are 10 matches, and 6 of them are won by the Purple Vagrants then those who bet for the Purple Vagrants will win.)

    Note: In the event of a tie between number of clans winning, the total plunder generated between all Green and all Purple clans in that match will be used as a tiebreaker.

    How to Bet:
    From when matches have been created until the start of wars both Purple Vagrant and Green Drifter Toxins will be available in the Marketplace for 1 Gold each. Every toxin you purchase will be combined with one Nomad Arrow from your inventory to create either Drifter or Vagrant Arrows which count as a bet towards that team. (Note that you will lose the Nomad Arrows used to create these)

    What You Win:
    If the side you bet on wins, you'll receive a share of all arrows bet in that timeslot. This share is based on the number of Arrows you used to vote, against the total number of arrows used to vote for the winning side. (Ex: If you bet 1 Arrow for Green and 99 others did as well, you would win 1/100th of the total arrows cast for both Green and Purple sides)

    If the side you bet on loses, you'll receive nothing and will have lost all of the Nomad Arrows used in your bet.

    Rewards will not be instantly rewarded after a war ends, but instead will take a short while as the total bets are counted and winners determined.

    Note: After each round, all Drifter and Vagrant Arrows will be removed from your inventory and the winners will receive their arrows in the form of Nomad Arrows. Additionally, any left over Toxins will also be removed.

    War Betting Schedule
    Betting will only be available during selected wars, each of which will make use of 50 person rosters.
    9/19 @ 3PM PDT
    9/21 @ 9PM PDT
    9/23 @ 6AM PDT
    9/25 @ 12PM PDT
    9/27 @ 6PM PDT
    9/29 @ 9AM PDT
    10/1 @ 3PM PDT

    Update - 9/23 @ 3:25PM PDT

    Thus far, drops have been based on both your EB contribution and luck. We've made further changes based on your feedback so that you are more likely to receive drops consistently after each EB completion. To balance this change, we've also increased the number of Arrows you receive from winning a war from 2 to 4.
  2. As a note, the rewards from wars will take place begin with War #23 today.
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  5. Do we have to be in the war to bet?
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  7. Nope! While warring players are free to bet, this is open to all players.
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  12. Good answers kaw admin. This is good. I occasionally hit epics. I don't do the war system though. So I still have a chance to become rich by other peoples work lol
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