The Assault on ATA

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  1. anyone want to critic my part 2? it's unofficial
  2. Narwhal job well done mate Support
  3. Next hunt
    Monkey hair?
  4. Original and awesome 
  5. lol they should do this just for haha's 
  6. Brilliant! Looking forward to the rest of the series
  7. You forget we have Spragga on our side.

  8. Lies. Spragga is his own side
  9. Spragga isn't on your side. He owns you. You'll see in due time.
  10. Such an awful attempt of an eb. No support
  11. Strange, didn't know this thread was asking for support of any kind. :lol:

    When do we get to kill the Illuminati? :)
  12. This is a great idea!
  13. Maybe if you started at the beginning of the thread
  14. Or is he...
  15. He is. Your feeble mind control techniques have nothing on the fear that Spragga instills into me.
  16. Awesome hahaha  make this devs lol
  17. Devs should totally make this :lol: would be interesting a player thought out a special EB
  18. Time to Best Of this post :)