The Assault on ATA

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  1. It ends at 8%?
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  5. ATA the Ruthless

    2nd EB

    The Smuggling

    ATA's greatest weapon, The Update, has left the combined armies without weapons. A new contingent of troops are sent to bring newer weapons to continue the fight.

    Phase 1

    Find a way to Vancouver and arm the army.

    Scout- Secret Passages (80000/80000)- Avoiding exposure to ATA's patrol, the contingent must find another way to Vancouver.

    Use Item- Magical Dagger and Mystical Sword on Main Bar (Unarmed Troops) to 80%

    Phase 2

    ATA Castle releases Golemite Missiles, and the whole battleground is covered in small but deadly golems.

    Attack/Assasinate- Golemites (50000/50000)- Cup-sized rock golems storm the air. Stop them from stealing the weapons.

    Steal (optional)- Gemstones (10000/10000)- Some golems have valuable gems inside them. Steal them for later use,

    Use Item-Magical Dagger and Mystical Sword on Main Bar to 10%

    Phase 3

    The castle is defenseless. Arm the people now!

    Golemites (0/50000)- Only a pile of rocks remain of the once-swarming Golemites.

    Use Item- Magical Dagger and Mystical Sword on Main Bar to 0%


    The newly-replenished army now stands, ready to fight once more.


    Bronze Bar

    Golemite Helmet- 10% plunder
    A Golemite tirelessly looks for profitable spots to earn better rewards.
  6. The 100m-20b is kind of a large gap, other than that make the bars have more hp for a better payout. Then its got my support.
  7. ok... btw I'm not op so that was unofficial
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  9. it's also 12h long
  10. By attack do you mean attackinate?
  11. I just want that equipment
  12. If they approved this eb it would be hilarious!
  13. Yes I do mean Attackinate.
  14. Ashes sorry but every time I try that I fail I just keep getting distracted :/
  15. Support  that would be one epic battle I'll gladly hit
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