The Assault on ATA

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  1. The Assault on ATA
    These apes have been destroying the animal kingdom and destroying kingdoms. Now is the time we take revenge on them!

    #1. Find the Headquarters - 12 hours
    For too long these apes have killed our animal friends and make us kill our own people. It is time we take revenge on them!

    Phase 1
    We must find their headquarters! Search through Vancouver for the ATA headquarters.

    Scout: 94,500/94,500
    Every spot in Vancouver must be searched, none shall survive the onslaught

    Steal: 120,000/120,000 (optional)
    People have deserted their homes because of this assault. Send your swiftest spies to steal their valuables!

    Main Bar- Attack to 78%

    Phase 2
    We have located their headquarters, yet they send their fellow apes to assault us! We must destroy them!

    Attack: 120,000/120,000
    Destroy ATA's grunts, we must advance past their ranks and assault their kingdom.

    Item- Locust Swarm 200,000/200,000
    These bugs have been used by ATA for many experiments. They want revenge too. Command these bugs and they will help destroy the apes armor.

    Main Bar- Attack to 8%

    Phase 3
    In a desperate attempt to stop you, they send their Unkari warriors and Fang hunters to stop you!

    Attack: 300,000/300,000 (requires Moth equip)
    The Rime Hunters try to stop you from entering the Kingdom of ATA. We will use their own weapons against them to defeat their frozen weapons.

    Attack: 450,000/450,000
    The Unkari warriors try to stop you from entering the Kingdom of ATA.

    Main Bar- Attack to 0%

    You have successfully entered the kingdom of ATA!

    Same as HTE.

    • Monkey Spear - 10,000,000 Att/Spy
    • Monkey Helm - 21,000,000 Defense/Spy
    • Monkey Armor - 50,000,000 Defense/Spy
    • Monkey Shield - 38,500,000 Defense/Spy 14,000,000 Atttack/Spy

    EB #2 Coming soon! :D
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