the antiguide 2 (the secret game)

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  1. All of you know about the game of kaw. The stats and castle codes, building tiers and new lands. If you dont know read the antiguide. It will help you lots. This guide is about the secret game of kaw. The game underneath the game that you have been playing all along without knowing.

    Rules of the secret game:
    While far too complex to simply state all of the rules there are some basics. You earn points by performing different actions which are tallied behind the scenes. You can also lose points and even lose the game by recklessly clicking on forum threads. Dont worry all of mine are safe. In fact every time you post your approval on one of my threads you get 5 points!

    Starting out:
    You are likely in the negatives in points because you dont know the rules so you will want to wipe the slate clean. To restart you must press the reset button in your profile. This will reset you to 0.

    Next gather all of your furniture into a pile on the front lawn and set fire to it. This is worth 70 points and puts you at an advantage to start out.

    By writing "distance rules" in your status message all points received are doubled! Make sure you do this before you burn your stuff. Hmmm... Probably should have put that first.

    Finally post "i'm in" on a mod's wall. This lets them know you are ready to begin. They will write back with your hourly points total.

    Standard rules:
    Now theres too many rules to list all at once so i will list some easy points here and add to them later.

    If you ever reach -1000 points you lose the game. If you lose you must either reset again or go to jail. Just turn yourself into the local police. They are in on the game and will place you in a special time-out cell for 45minutes. You will have to stay a week in jail if you go there wearing clothes.

    Posting something original in the forums is worth 3 points. Post as much random stuff as possible. Some of it is bound to be original.

    Build tier 1 buildings. You get 1 point for every tier 1 building you have every week! This adds up quickly.

    Trick someone with a forum. Make the subject lure them in to read "you lose the game." For every person tricked you get 3 points. But you lose 10 points if you click on a trick thread.

    Convincing someone to hire you on wc is worth 1 point. A wc volley is worth 3! Now you understand why people are always so desperate on there. Do you think they would beg like that for a measly 1m gold? Nope they are playing the secret game.

    I and my associates who post here will add more points possibilities as we feel like it. If you know any that you wish to share please do. Even i dont know them all.

    Finally, we all make mistakes and get a point loss now and then. To protect yourself from losing points you must save the game regularly. To save the game just call the closest pizza place and tell them i'd like to save the game. To reload from a saved game you must jump in front of a speeding bus. You will restart from your last save.

    Distance and all secret players take no responsibility for any actions you take after reading this thread.
  2. Selling an ally to a noob for the castle code is worth 8 points.
  3. *starts reading intently*
  4. *__* Amazing.
  5. Just earned 5 points 
  6. For every illegal alt that you have that gets banned you earn 15 points! So make sure the devs know of your illegal alts. I suggest you feedback them to let them know.
  7. Actually, I earned 10 points because of my status. ^_^
  8. Awesome!!
  9. The devs actually select the mods from points leaders. One of the many rewards of winning the game.
  10. Why'd u put this in fanfic?
  11. Because it stays out of active topics. Cant have everyone learning the secret game.
  12. I got my entire thread deleted on selling forums codes


    They spelled my code wrong too! It's

    Swáj3l4 rüi_3z

    Buy an ally over 2b off me and post to your wall. Works every time

    I volleyed 1 ally with a dude, and IgodV2 for like 4 days while he tried to get his code working.

    Swáj3l4 rüi_3z
  13. Yah u got tons of points for that!
  14. Swabia is one of the masters of the secret kaw
  15. So fanfic is just a dump site?
  16. Think of it like a role playing fiction
  17. Are u calling stories here RP?
  18. Im saying this one is