The American Hero Complex

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  1. Too soon to mention I'm an American who saved 23 orphans today from a burning orphanage?

  2. Lol and here I thought the main reason America decided to overthrow dictators in the middle east is because they wanted to put someone in power in those countries to supply them with oil....
    And end up with fights with other countries which usually tend to be about weapons so for self-défense
    Then again that's not just America. It's just politics and strategy, nothing against it, must have worked to be a top world economy
  3. If American political power has a Hero complex it is only because other nations have been asking for so long they see a tragedy in a country and automatically assume they will ask for help.
  4. This is easily the dumbest thread ive seen. Like the governments military decisions in any way reflect the sentiments of the people. The american people dont even support many of the conflicts the government gets involved in.

    Let me be dumb as well and generalize you op, so since austria supported the most evil man to ever exist in ww2, are Austrians evil and dispicable by nature?
  5. Well said
  6. Don't have time to read all the other pages to see if this was addressed, but a very nice debate comes from arguing if American exeptionalism is wrong to teach in some form or another. You brought up blind nationalism, which I agree is silly, but since the exposure of American exeptionalism as fraudulent, the nation's young people have lost nationalism entirely. So we did something wrong there too.
  7. Funny thing is is that the guy didn't want to be Austrian despite being one

  8. Whats wrong with americans viewing their nation as exceptional. It is extremely exceptional. They are the oddest and most successful nation to ever exist in terms of military, socially, and ecnomically. Such a young nation to rise so fast. And stranger still they didn't expand their empire militarily. They use economic influence to gain footing in other nations and may invade other nations. But what other nation has ever commanded the worlds most dominant military and not used it to conquer and keep other territories?
    America is very exceptional and fascinating, and im not even american lol

    Do i agree with everything they do? No not by a long shot. But i dont agree with everything any super power has done

  9. idiots like you make me worried about the future of mankind

  10. Please, when was the last time any country has asked for your help?

  11. This is hilarious, and completely proves op's original statement.

    "We're da big, democracy lovin freedom fighters n you should be vary grateful dat we made ur county free too y'all"

  12. 1st: I thought Americans vote, maybe im wrong and you have a dictator who forces everything on you, idk

    2Nd: Austrias mistake happened 75 years ago meanwhile over the last 15 years the United states killed several million innocent people in the middle east looking for 19 terrorists

    3rdly, more people are killed by the police in the United states monthly than in britian in the last century (kinda off topic but it relates to how horrible the United States is)

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  13. You're trying so hard to get this thread locked 

    And besides, it wouldn't have gotten this way if certain Americans didn't come on this thread and prove op right.
  14. You should have posted more  faces, bro. Everybody knows how awesome you are when you use that face :roll:
  15. American History is written/decided by "Texas"

  16. so much american butthurt, top kek
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