The Alliance Against Vigona

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  1. We are all awarw kaw is on autopilot at least point, but could you at least vary the rewards? New banners? How about plunder %items? New, updated, mith equipment? Anything besides more of the exact same things.
  2. If I didn't have the best pet in kaw I would want that dang tiger!! more of the same ty enjoying the free stuff!

    and yer the tap tap gets a bit much so give indi a go for a break it's a blast all the arguments are pure gold! lol so to the nay sayers I simply say this.....Dilly Dilly
  3. They dont even have lb up yet
  4. Nobody cares
  5. If people think the devs will change something because people are angry and constantly complaining they are dead wrong. Although rare, they do check forums and read responses. Maybe for a change people should just treat the devs with respect? If you worked really hard on something and people used it, but constantly complained; how much effort would you put into changing it for them when they wanted something new? People need to keep a positive attitude. Kaw is still a great game, always will be. Lets try and stay positive and create positive criticism for the devs for a change!
  6. They don't deserve respect. They turned a once great game into an absolute, all out cash grab. There is nothing left to not hate
  7. Why would you ask people to be respectful to a company that provides a faulty service? Especially if they’ve put money into it.
  8. Agree!
  9. Then leave the game if it is so horrible. Why play it; spend your time elswhere. Although the devs have made mistakes there are still aspects of the game that are just as solid as when the game started. This game still allows the easy growth for people who do not pay; however, it also allows for those who are more willing to pay to do so. The only reason people feel it’s a cash grab is because they cannot afford to spend the amount of money they wish they could. The fact remains that everyone can grow pretty easily within the current aspects of the game.
  10. theres no content to it. Whats the point of growing
  11. Quite simple really, PiMD's target demographic is lonely late teens or young adults. Their game avatar is a scantily clad woman. Why? That sells. A lot. It's brings in crazy money.

    Here are some stats for April from Sensor Tower:

    PiMD: 300K USD Grossing | 100K Downloads
    - Facebook banner / YouTube banner adverts + 3 more advert platforms

    Heckfire: 50K USD Grossing | 70k Downloads
    - Facebook banner / YouTube adverts + 3 more advert platforms

    KaW: 70K USD Grossing | <5K DLs
    - Zero advertising.

    Surprisingly KaW made more than Heckfire last month. Heckfire's high DL rate is due to the advertising on 5 major platforms and how it's still riding the new app wave in the stores.

    All the information provided here are for information purposes and subject to change without prior notice, they are not from ATA but a 3rd party mobile ecosystem analytics platform.
  12. Support on banners there capped at lvl3, yet banner stuff continue to drop! like a slap to face