The Aeon Dragon

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  1. It's a reward from the legends
  2. The issue was fixed and compensation went out to affected players
  3. AtA winston, if we buy to many bells, like was previously asked. Will we get the nobility points we spend on bells, returned after the bell eb ends?
  4. Does the perm item bonus work on kingdom and allies war?
  5. Players who bought bells and don't use them will get the NB spent refunded
  6. Is there a catch to getting sickle drops more often? Or is it as completely random and rare like the cards were? Just curious.. :)
  7. Six different coloured sickles combine. Since the colours are random we will need on average 13 sickles to have a fifty-fifty chance of 6 different ones.
    At the end of the event, most of us will have 7 or 8 uncombined sickles hanging around our inventory. Any chance of a mechanism to change their colours? Or buy a bell with 6 (or more) random sickles? Or be able to start the eb with sickles?
  8. Ridiculous event.
  9. Is this also the case if we purchased Black Friday packs that had bells? What about bells made from sickles? Thanks!!
  10. Purchased via packs will get refunded
  11. You are so damn right lol
  12. Hi winston do people get 59 nobility if you collect all colour sickles if you didn't purchase bells in marketplace before you were aloud to buy sickle?

    Thanks KNIGHTS
  13. Why aren’t the sickles tradeable? Your other items that can be purchased with nobs are tradeable. Lame ATA...
  14. You mean seals, circles, royal keys, lamps, bells, and crux chests? Among others
  15. The scales and attacking the dragon kinda sucked.
  16. Any reason in particular why this was?
  17. Only purchased bells will get refunded with NB
  18. Because he is an ingrate
  19. Why would this not include bells purchased from the hourly promo packs?
  20. I liked the event. I liked the multiple pathways to rewards with multiple leaderboards and the #1 reward (gj1515). Also liked the community goals. Was a nice concept and good change of pace.