The Aeon Dragon

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  1. The Aeon Dragon

    "While the Oracle sleeps in her temple, a vision appears to her in fragments in her dreams...

    An ordeal sent by the Holy Harrower, god of gods...a cataclysm in the form of a dragon the size of mountains...the kingdoms of the world, falling to its terrifying might, one by one...the Harrower raising His scythe to reap life itself...

    She awakens, cold with terror.

    The final judgment of the Holy Harrower is at hand."

    Eschaton, the Cataclysm

    An aeon dragon has arrived to wreak havoc upon the lands of KaW. You and all the other lords will have to band together to fight this magnificent beast. This premium EB can be started by using a Bell of the Final Ordeal.

    The Bell of the Final Ordeal can be purchased in the store for 59 NB, but can also be gained by combining the 6 different coloured sickles (Purple Sickle, Yellow Sickle, Red Sickle, Orange Sickle, Green Sickle, Blue Sickle).

    These sickles are not tradable, but can be gained from any regular or premium EB excluding Eschaton, the Cataclysm; they will not drop from Blood Rains EBs. Drop rates of the sickles are higher in premium EBs.

    Eschaton, the Cataclysm will drop Gold Aeon Dragon Scales which will need to be used for a new Global Leaderboard. Players will take their Gold Aeon Dragon Scales, and attack a player named "Eschaton" to damage it with their Gold Aeon Dragon Scales. This will in turn put Damaged Scales on "Eschaton", which will be used to gauge the entire lands total drops. Players will use up half of their scales with each hit to damage "Eschaton" unless they have under 100 scales, in which case all scales would be used in a hit.

    Gold Aeon Dragon Scale and Damaged Scale


    There are multiple leaderboards this event, because who doesn't like to be on top!
    Here are the following leaderboards:

    • Global Leaderboard (Damaged Scales on Eschaton)
    • Gold Aeon Dragon Scale (Number of scales damaged by a single player on Eschaton)
    • Successful Advance (Main event drop leaderboard)
    • War (Victory Tokens)
    • 2x PvP Weekend Leaderboards (one each weekend)

    How the Global Leaderboard Works

    Players will get Gold Aeon Dragon Scale drops from defeating Eschaton, the Cataclysm (EB). They can then take these drops, and attack/scout/steal/assassinate "Eschaton" (found via the battle list) which will cause that character to get damaged scales. These damaged scales will be the focus of the Global Leaderboard. There are a variety of legend rewards that require a player to have a set number of global leaderboard drops. When you attack "Eschaton" in the battle list, your account will sync with the number of global drops and give you the appropriate legend progress.

    Top 1

    This event has a Top 1 spot on the Gold Aeon Dragon Scale Leaderboard and will include an item that will be named after the winner! This is a powerful stat item that will be named:
    [Winner's] Dragonheart Trophy

    New Permanent Items

    There are 3 new permanent items that can be gained via In-App Purchases. These three items are the Bow of the Celestials, Shield of the Celestials, and Sword of the Celestials.

    Bow of the Celestials

    Gives +5% Atk and +5% Spy Atk

    Shield of the Celestials

    Gives +10% Def and +10% Spy Def

    Sword of the Celestials

    Gives +10% Atk, +10% Spy Atk, +10% Def, and +10% Spy Def

    Exclusive Furnishings

    Furnishings exclusive to The Aeon Dragon will be available in the Furnishings Shop, Aeon Dragon Box and Royal Aeon Dragon Box. There will also be 5 special furniture boxes! These boxes are the Heirloom Chest, Noble's Furnishings Chest, Headquarters Chest, Noble House Chest, and Noble Lineage Chest. 4 of the chests give a special piece of furniture for a specific slot, and 1 chest has a variety of furniture and other rewards.

    This event starts at 6 am Pacific time on "Black Friday", November 23rd, and runs until 12 pm (noon) Pacific time on Wednesday, December 5th.

    Aeon Dragon Throne Room

  2. You guys steal so much from World of Warcraft its funny.
    But gj
  3. Started the new EB out of curiosity but can’t find the things you mentioned in marketplace. Specifically the “Bell of the Final Ordeal” which can apparently be purchased for 59 “EC”.
    I understand adding new (hidden?) items but is this a new currency or a typo?
    Edit - Found them in defence items. I’m probably wrong about EC being a typo too so feel free to ignore all of the above.
  4. Wow kaw has gone completly crazy atas greed knows no bounds wth devs..
  5. How long will the 3 perm items be available in the Oracle?
  6. Confused as hell but okay.
  7. Hey there ata, how about fixing the crap that's messed up before adding paid for ebs?




    And every thing else that's been posted on forums.

    Dum dums
  8. So how do u know who is echatton? If that's another player does it just change the bl for me? Or everybody on my bl are echaton? I am so confused
  9. Shut up and take my money
  10. No regular equipment either?
  11. Guys thought I mention this, keep eye on your nobility points when buy chest from marketplace as you getting charged for them not by gold buy nobility points. As I gone from 1800 to 664 with to purchase and open chests. Misleading in market place as it clearly shows 1000 gold required.
  12. I think you’re just tweaking, this is not the case .i just bought loads of crap and everything was appropriately charged
  13. These new Pet boxes in the market place where a nice touch but they looking like they are from childrens book you burnt the turkey could you be more creative next time with the designs
  14. Search for "Eschaton" in the battle-list. They have a Dragon as their banner.
  15. The boxes cost 1000 gold to buy from the store, and NB to open. The cost is written on the box.
  16. Ata logic:Make the game more imbalanced with more random items and keep draining the pockets of players
  17. Plz lock due to lack of effort.
  18. How do we obtain an eschaton’s fate ? I can see the key in marketplace, but nothing to open with it
  19. So ata whats going on with the no payouts on premium ebs thats 2 in a row and all ata has to say is its a visual freakin stupid do you think ppl are..
  20. If we do not use all of our bell’s by the end of the event, will they be refunded? Or just sit in our inventory?