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  1. It is i, WOLFIE. back for not only the second time.. BUT, the Thrid time... Or is it forth time, I'll need to consult the myself for a while please stand by and enjoy the doom song for your impending DOOM!

    could be the 5th time...


    But none the less I am here, me, WOLFIE, back and hungry for some destruction, chaos and COOKIES!


    Also have you seen these cool moves I learnt while I was away they took me all of 3 years since my last return of.


    Also for those with the pleasure of never seeing me before, consider yourselves lucky you never had to tolerate me and my noob self.

    And finally it's not woifie I whined to Devs so much they eventually allowed me to changed. With much whining and begging with a little bit of crying... But fear me! Just if ignore how I have stats like someone of 5 years ago.


    Blame nemirel for this she did it, she's the one you have to speak to, for bringing me back with the line of get back on kaw mad

    Ps @ grant I still demand my beta smash avatar and my blue mutt with OG salty the shark alongside the that unreasonable amount of cookies.

    Experience technical difficulty with images so apperently the forum god Wolfie doesn't remember basic BB code. Yay
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  2. 🤔 Wot Wolfie... Wot!!
  3. Oh great, it's another furry
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  4. I didn't think id do it either, turns out I'm very easily convinced with the promise of cookies