The "21" Game

Discussion in 'Activities' started by The_Giant_Killer, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. Game = fail
    Please don't post on here anymore
    Sorry everyone
  2. I think this would qualify as post count farming....
  3. U must say the next number or the next 2 numbers
  4. post count farming is posting a lot without someone replying, asking, etc.
    if you post count farm then there's a chance you'll get forum banned.....
  5. There is a one word game in AT if this is post count farming so is that.
  6. I just explain it...
    I'm not sure if games like this is not considered as post count farming......
  7. Can't we just play? I might give a free clan to the winner of the first round
  8. this only works with 2 people.
    anyone wanna do this in pm? xD
  9. 2 pages in and you haven't even gone in order. You missed 2!
  10. Restart: 1
  11. i beat op in pm, i take over the thread
  12. The number 9 which is before 10 an after 8