That moment when...(Kaw edition)

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  1. When you are dancing on your own in cc...(as you do)

  2. That moment when a guy says they farm you and it's just scout bomb fails
  3. When you been up all night in PvP, but just can't be asked anymore...

  4. That moment when you clear someone entirely in war but some guy steals the ko.
    That moment when you get only one drop in PvP event.
    That moment when you make a hammer in PvP event but it is directly stolen after 2 seconds.

  5. I think that gif is quite fitting
  6. when you get pinned down as the first person in war... :(
  7. aka. roni and skinnyminny farming? :^)
  8. To make things mote interesting, shadymarine will be giving a seal to the funniest gif/picture. This will be decided on Friday 5th Feb and the seal will be given on saturday 6th

    Yep - Free SoD for the funniest "Moment when..." Gif combo - you have until the end of the week, multiple entries are okay, but only one winner ?️ Shady

  9. Like this? Lol
  10. I vote for this one.
  11. When someone asks for squid rp...

  12. When someone says that PC is the best device.

  13. That moment when you accidentally see your build in the mirror...

  14. When its 3am and the person you talking to in pm keeps starting new convo's...

  15. My fav so far is the homer simpson ine in the first post. It was so funny haha
  16. That moment when...

    ...devs added a "repeat" button, so you could unload troops on an eb in under 10min

  17. That moment when mercs come to help with eb
  18. When you are sat next to someone picking their nose...