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  1. thank you so much for the event it TRUELY helps to grow makes the game also more exciting to come back to everyday. Keep up the good work remember the Kawmunity loves you :D :D :D <3
  2. I think the amount of the Kawmunity that likes what the devs have done is a minority, expect hate.
  3. ^. Events are only good for the lazy.
  4. Op confirmed for dev alt.
  5. No you cannot have mod.
  6. You are not welcome
  7. Lol wut, why thank them for just repeating the exact same event 7-8times... No originality whatsoever
  8. This is true. The lesser active people grow better from events than they do from actually being consistently active
  9. no support lol
  10. Sure I like events how else am I going to get 500tril to BC saying that could come out with some more variety because these events are like a stale loaf of bread.
  11. Lol devs not making u a mod op
  12. You do realize it's possible to complement someone or something without it being that they are kissing up ;) All the comments assuming they are kissing up just come across as immature people desperate for attention and want to come across as "cool" :lol:
  13. I agree op. Ty devs for finding ways for us all to prosper and enjoy the game as opposed to just the big spenders, like most games.
  14. Doesn't look like you are prospering much
  15. this community is so ungrateful lmao
  16. No Support
    Less active people play to play when it's convenient for them, nothing wrong with the way YOU PLAY YOUR OWN GAME.
  17. He never said there was anything wrong with playing that way, just that it's wrong that they grow more from events than they do from actually being active and growing themselves.
  18. Im growing at a pace i enjoy and having fun doing war and pvp...Go run some more HTE trains

    I made 1900 SB last event. Ill grow more whenever i choose