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  1. Here we go again the mods and devs protecting each other again, playing favorites again, just as corrupt as always if you stopped hitting youe epic battle and look at the facts for a minute.

    Just like how when benny the player the devs chose (one of many poor mod choices by the devs) silenced a massive number of people only for the devs to unmute you a day later AND not take away your silence strike even though a rogue mod the devs trusted so much did this the devs still refused to remove the strike bans on players accounts.

    Today I post something in world chat that when compared to the things i've seen looks like some girl scouts trying to sell some cookies!

    as you can see I did nothing to bypass the filter or did I do anything to break the tou. Not to mention that in the tou the mods are also recommended to warn the player of a infraction.

    But why would they do that to me? The mods know I outright speak of their corruption so of course they try to silence me at the smallest notion of an infraction. Doesn't sound like an unbiased player base to me. But we all know the devs and mods protect each other. i mean I would too after all the rogue mods you've chosen already. Not to mention to corrupt ones now that hide behind the developers.
    The devs have yes men as mods who try and act like cool kids and so long as you act like a suck up to them they wont bother you.

    The minute you speak against the devs or mods youre on the list. They wont say it but the minute you do something that is less than bending over for them they try and silence you for garbage reasons. So before you try and lock this thread to get rid of anyone who opposes you explain how I broke the tou thanks. Also if the mod who silenced me has the skin to admit it that would be appreciated
  2. U still implied sexual content on a kids game
  3. You know they're going to lock this for complaining about a silence.
  4. You bypassed the filter by using vape in place of the obvious
  5. Warning someone is optional. Mods are not required to warn, but most of us do because we can.

    You knew what you typed out and I'd say why you were silenced is laid right out there for you. Indecent conduct.

    If you feel like your silence was unjustified you are more than welcome to put in a help ticket with the new support system.
    As for this post, it's going to be locked.
  6. Content is definitely not appropriate for world chat.
    The silence is valid and stands.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.