Thanks for the new lands [kiss up alert]

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  1. Hello dearest kawrums.

    I come today to make this thread to rant my thoughts and a few realisations Ive had in the past 2 minutes.

    Firstly, I sold all the free silver bars from last event for the new lands and got 2.1 trill. 2.1 mother licking trillion just because the kawmunity did stuff and i was online to accept it :lol:

    But like 2.1 trill barely scratches the over all full build cost now.

    The moment I saw the new lands announcement I checked the leaderboard and saw woooloooop has a... Wa--- WHAT! 400 mill combined stats!!!?!?!?!?!? That's like 40 times my stats... 40 times... My stats :eek:

    And here's me getting smug cuz i got 4mill cs from 2 trill of free gold.

    And apparently earning 110mill per hit on hte is like nothing now...

    A few years back not only was 2.1 trill an incredible abundance of gold but a 4 mill stat increase would be huge.

    Back then I was quite content staying sort of mid stats in exchange for just stacking pots and hitting players around my size but as more and more lands and buildings have been released in my semi active state I'm realising just how horribly weak I am.

    Im basically just one of those noobs with small stats and big opinions on kaw politics- something I always pledged would be a "wake up and grow" sign if the max stats grew far larger than my own.

    So I guess with the addition of these lands I'm grateful I could get this wake up call and allow me to realise I actually need to put some time into the game if I'm ever going to enjoy it fully again.

    On the other hand everytime lands are added people get mad that they have to spend more time growing just to keep up with everyone else and they quit.

    A side note, not going to appologise for not making this thread look pretty, just because a thread doesn't have colours and pictures doesn't make it a bad/low quality thread, it's the thought that counts (jesus ive turned into my mother at christmas)

    Anyway, feel free to leave your hate thoughts or reasons you're excited for the new lands below, one thing is for sure it must make wulf feel hard done by these past couple years with the extra lands, changes to buildings etc :lol:
  2. I remember making 2 mill on Warbeasts and that was good

    Too bad kaw ruined the game with greed, thank god for clash royale coming out, now I have a game that isn't greedy to sink all my cash into
  3. Chaos made 6.6t in 20 minutes, he's 540mcs. Once more people start maxing, the HtEs will be going by even faster. Not worth it anymore.

    Inflation is 2 months away from collapsing the kaw economy worse than FC's did.

    Hit ranges are more screwed up than ever.

  4. Moot, you seem upset, maybe you should vent on that image board that shall remain nameless
  5. I don't own 4chan anymore


    And you can name it lol you're not promoting it
  6. Yes but the specific board I may or may not be talkin about is breaking rules 1 and 2
  7. I remember 3.5billion gold a day got my #46 overall :( osw and hitting inactive farms .. Rip kaw 2010. Or was it late 2009? One or other.
  8. Remember when YAFI made fake clan ads requiring 200m CS for entry? Damn son, soon there will be 1B CS.
  9. Devs please increase hit range and rerelease pots 
  10. How did they mess up FC's inflation?
  11. Why do u need to grow to enjoy the game??
  12. Bring back GaW butcher!
  13. 7 mill CS used to be very high stats, then it became around 50 - 60 mill CS and after my absence of 9 months I assumed the stats on the LB were an April fools joke...